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How to lighten hair without damage naturally

There are instances when you’ll want an overhaul of your hair or glowing blonde highlights or all-over shade, and it’s recommended to go to the salon. Hair colorists have been trained to ensure they don’t harm your hair, especially when using bleach. You can completely DIY be using a few items you may already have in your home for a more subtle, lighter effect. Natural hair lighteners, such as lemon, honey, and apple cider vinegar, help to lighten your hair gently and naturally without the risk of harm. All do the same thing. Mix warm water with the ingredient below, and apply the mixture to your hair and then allow it to dry even in the sunlight (the Sun is a major element in this). It’s indeed possible to get your hair lighter without causing damage using products that contain chemicals and dyes.

Here are ten easy methods to naturally enhance your hair’s appearance using products that you might already have at home. The common belief is that blondes enjoy more fun, but truthfully, they also pay more at the salon. The process of lightening your hair requires quite a chore to maintain. It will require frequent trips to the salon and more sophisticated hair care and, at a minimum, some damaged hair (no regardless of the products you apply).

So how do we enjoy the pleasures of lighter hair without paying the cost of damaging foils? There are several natural solutions to lighten the hair you have at the comfort of your own home (that professional colorists are actually in favor of). Before you start, be aware that these solutions aren’t as effective in lightening hair as bleach, but they could give you the results you’re after.

Mix up the lemon Juice with Conditioner

According to celebrity stylist Aura Friedman, Lemon juice works. But be cautious. “Lemon juice does lighten hair, but it can also be dangerous,” Aura says. Aura. “It’s so acidic it can burn your hair. The best way to use it is by mixing it with conditioner or even with coconut oil, so you get those important hydrating and reparative benefits,” Aura adds.

  • Cinnamon

This magical spice isn’t only great for your health, but it’s beneficial to bring out the redness of your hair, making it appear brighter. Mix cinnamon into your regular conditioner until it forms a thick, thick, and then apply it to your hair and let it sit for a couple of hours. If you’re able to put it in overnight, it will give you the best results.

  • Add Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a potent hair-lightening agent due to its citric acid. Rachel frequently advises customers to use vitamin C shampoos. “That one is easy. You crush up some vitamin C, add it to a spray bottle and spritz it on. It brightens hair and removes mineral build-up,” Rachel says. (You could even bypass the crushing process if you buy the vitamin C-rich powder.)


You can purchase different shades of henna that will highlight the red on your locks. Be aware of the color of henna you purchase because certain shades won’t impact hair with dark shades and may cause hair that’s not particularly dark to become darker. It is recommended to use three tablespoons of the per half cups of water boiling. Allow the mixture to rest overnight before soaking the areas of your hair that you wish to lighten. The mixture should remain on your hair for at least two hours.

Make use of to make use of a Saltwater Solution.

If you have already colored your hair but haven’t gotten the bleach bug, it’s possible to change your hair to a lighter spot by exposing it to the Sun. “For all the color-treated people, mix mostly water with a bit of salt and spray your hair at the beach. This will open the hair cuticle slightly and expose it to the Sun,” Rachel says. Rachel. Be aware of this! “No matter what color your hair, the sun will fade it,” Aura says. Aura. “Think about how car paint fades in sunlight. The same thing happens with hair,” she says.

8. Rhubarb

Mix a 1/4 cup of rhubarb that has been finely chopped and 2 cups water. Bring the rhubarb to boil in the water and then allow the mixture to cool to room temperature. Then, strain the rhubarb out and then use the liquid to wash your hair. Allow your hair to soak in the liquid for around 10 minutes before washing it out, and rinse until the water is clear.

Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide

Make a paste with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and. By itself, normal hydrogen peroxide you buy at the pharmacy will not lighten your hair since it’s dry out before any chemical reaction takes place. Mixing hydrogen peroxide and baking soda forms a thick paste that will sit in your hair to perform magic. Mix 1 cup baking soda with 3 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide, mix it, and apply the mask to your hair. Apply the mask for at least 30-60 mins (but not more than 60 mins) then your hair should appear about 1-2 shades lighter!


The primary component of honey that plays a role in our hair’s brain’s favor is an enzyme known as glucose oxygenase. Its function is to break down sugars and to help protect from spoilage. When you mix honey with water, that could cause it to go through a degradation process and cause it to spoil. The enzyme produces tiny quantities of hydrogen peroxide! 5 On its own, honey may take some time to begin working as an agent for lightening. Certain spices, like cinnamon and cardamom, can help honey’s peroxide-related properties to provide the peroxide properties and provide an additional boost.

If you apply your honey mix, apply it to damp hair so that the water will help kick things into high gear. To keep your hair moist and tucked in, roll it into a bun, then cover the hair using a cap to seal it. It is recommended to cover the hair for between 1 and 4 hours, depending on how light you’d like to make it and how dark your current hair color is. Also, heat can accelerate the process, so pull out your blowdryer, and then apply heat to your shower cap from time to time as you let it rest.

Sea Salt

What happens when you can spend some time in the sea and your hair showcases natural-looking highlights? It’s because of sea salt. However, using sea salt from home can work as well, particularly toward the ends of your hair strands. “It may not be as extreme the first day, but if [you apply sea salt] continuously, you could see a significant difference,” Sun says. Sun. Create those beach-inspired highlights using sea salt and hot water. Allow it to cool before spraying the solution on your hair. Rinse it off when you’re ready to rinse it off. Sun mentions that salt could dry your hair, so applying conditioners, oils for hair, or perhaps even a mask for your hair following every application is crucial.

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