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How to Grow Your Business in Los Angeles

If you’re growing a business in Los Angeles, you may wonder where to start. You’ve got the idea and the location… But now what? The options of what direction to take can be overwhelming. And, however nice it sounds, building your successful business won’t be as simple as putting up several Los Angeles billboards saying, “We’re open!”

Figure Out Your Brand Identity

Your brand identity is, basically, your brand’s personality. It’s what you’ll be remembered for. When you think of a person you’ll remember how they made you feel, their values, and how they talk. The same principles work for businesses too. You want them to remember you, not mistake you for a competitor.

When developing your brand identity, choose colors, fonts, and some consistent design elements. You’ll decide what tone your marketing will take to give customers an idea of what it will be like to interact with you in person. And, of course, it’s wise to establish consistent guidelines on how to engage with the public in person, online, and through advertising so you send consistent messaging.

Create a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

For most businesses, it all begins with the founder’s vision. It’s a start. And it’s pure… But it will never be enough to create a sustainable business. A successful business is built in collaboration with your target customers. Why? Because if you want your business to make a profit, you need your ideal customers to buy from you.

This means you must develop a growth strategy designed for your target audience. It’s your opportunity to connect with them on a personal level so they feel invested in your brand.

Get to Know Your Local Prospects & Clients

When growing a local business, you must get to know your ideal customers. But, how you’ll do that will depend upon where you are with your business.

If you’re just starting out and have never had customers, you’ll start with market research. Talk to people who are a good fit for your ideal client. Go onto forums. Join groups and interact with people. And, of course, look at what they’ve said about your competitors and their products. This will help you better understand the viewpoints of your ideal customers.

Once you’ve been in business a while and have customers, talk to them. You can do this in person, or through surveys and questionnaires. Your goal, however, is to immerse yourself in their worldview. How do they think and talk about your offer? What do they want and value?

This deep level of understanding is about more than building customer loyalty. It helps you create better marketing, targeted to your ideal customers, so they will be more attracted to your offer.

Grow Your Community and Connections

There’s an old saying, “If you’re not growing you’re dying,” and it’s true for your business. Part of your growth strategy must always be building new relationships. This helps you develop a local following.

You build brand awareness by showing your community, prospects, and customers that you value your local connections. This can be done through advertising or community involvement. But engaging with customers wherever they are is how you stay top of mind when they need your offer.

The same holds true for professional networking as well. Joining your local business association or other events can lead to referrals and opportunities for collaboration. If you’re just starting your own small business, you may want to consider the LA SBDC Network. Stronger personal connections make it easier for people to choose you over your competitors.

Build Your Community Presence in Los Angeles

Public relations is about more than a press release. It’s all of your interactions and touch points with your community. Simply being involved in community-driven events that are on-brand for your business can increase your visibility.

You want your prospects and connections to connect your business with their needs. There’s no better way to raise awareness than by showing up wherever they are.

Use Feedback to Adjust, Adapt, and Improve

Growing a local business gives you immediate opportunities to adjust, adapt, and improve your offer. Customer feedback is often immediate. Use it to your benefit!

When you consistently hear, “Oh, I wish you had this,” or “I need..,” they are telling you there may be an opening in the market for something. Be the person to fill that need! They will feel like you really care about their goals. And they’ll remember you first the next time they want help.

Growing Up

Growing a business isn’t as simple as putting up your shingle and saying, “We’re open!” But, it also doesn’t have to be complicated. Figure out your business identity. Get to know your ideal clients and learn how they talk about their needs. Build relationships. And offer solutions to your prospect’s problems.

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