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How To Go Through A Bad Hair Day

Some women look super cute on their so called bad hair days’ while you look like a train wreck. Not just any train wreck, but a train wreck from hell. It is understandable to think people would look down on you if they saw you on such a day. Heck, I’ve had people actually run in the opposite direction on my worst days. You should, however, know that there are ways to turn your messy mane into the envy of every woman (well, a few women).

Get buns

We are not talking about the ones Nicki Minaj ordered. Embrace hair buns when you are going through this tough time. Hold your locks at the center such that a ponytail is hanging out. Spray some moisturizer on the ends and use a comb to make them all puffy. Take this huge puffiness that has formed, wrap it round and finally tuck it in. The result is a lovely do and if you look closer you might see its resemblance to cotton candy.

Cover it up!

There are some women who may not consider themselves as having a shape engineered to suite a bun. If you fit in this category you may consider looking for that head scarf you threw in your closet or a hat. Tie the scarf around your head as a turban. Turbans are cool and easy to accessorize. Wear some beauty and jewelry and you are set! Google some tutorials on YouTube if you find this style difficult to hack.

Choosing to wear a head scarf or a hat is dependent on the weather. You can wear a big hat on a hot day and stick to a beanie when it is cold (lucky you!). Wear a scarf during moderate weather. Wearing it on a hot day might cause your mane to encounter further damage from sweating.

Don’t fix it

You may consider embracing your mess instead of choosing to hide it. It is much more fun to stop yourself from worrying about the whole scenario and just go with it. Instead of spending time with your hairdryer, incorporate an untidy braid. You will have successfully accomplished a bohemian and retro look with a touch of class. Finish off with some light makeup and the result is a beautiful face ready to face a bad hair day.

What about the naturals?

If you are a natural, you may consider holding your locks in a ponytail and then braiding the ends to look like dreadlocks. It gives you a whole new Bob Marley vibe that is perfect for a train wreck day.

Change the part

Change the way you usually part your hair on a bad mane day to give it a different look. Instead of the idle part, go for a side part to give it more volume. It could make you look like a whole other person and transform you from monster to queen of the messy mane day.

Next time you are facing a bad hair day remember that it only lasts for 24 hours. Allow yourself to relax and not be too stressed out about it because it is something that can be easily fixed. With these simple, yet different, 5 ways you can change up your tresses on a horrible day and emerge on top.

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