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How To Get Kids Started In Soccer

Playing a team sport is an excellent way for kids to learn essential life skills, such as cooperation and maintaining a can-do attitude. It’s also a perfect way to encourage kids to engage in physical activity. Soccer is an excellent choice for children of all ages because it helps the youngest players develop overall balance, foot-eye coordination, and other motor skills while allowing older kids to exercise and socialize with their peers. Here’s how to get your kids started in soccer.

At What Age Should Kids Start Playing Soccer?

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While kids as young as 2 can start playing soccer, it depends on the individual kid regarding when they should start playing. If your 2-year-old is showing an interest in soccer because they’ve seen it on TV, try playing with them at home so they can explore the game and see if they like it. Kids between the ages of 5 and 7 might enjoy participating in an introductory program at the local recreational team, especially if they’re outgoing and like meeting new people. 

If your child is older than 7, they’ve likely played soccer at school or with friends at the neighborhood playground. In that case, they might enjoy a formal club setting that tests their skills and teaches them good sportsmanship. No matter your child’s age, it’s essential to encourage them on their soccer journey and emphasize that winning isn’t the only reason to play. When they focus on having fun and making friends, they’ll enjoy the game more and be eager to participate.

What Equipment Is Necessary for Playing Soccer?

One reason that soccer is such a popular sport is that you don’t need a lot of equipment to play. If you’re playing at home with your toddler, you can use plastic buckets, cones, or other household items as goalposts and make sure the ball is big enough to kick. Bright-colored objects work best because kids pay more attention to vibrant colors. You may want to invest in a regulation-size soccer ball and a net when playing with older kids. 

If your child is interested enough to join a team, they’ll need a uniform, long socks, and soccer cleats. They’ll also need a separate set of practice clothes, and most leagues require shin guards. Other essential items are goalkeeper gloves, a water bottle, and a gear bag.

What Are the Different Types of Kids Soccer Leagues?

There are several soccer leagues and programs available for kids. Companies like Soccer Shots, Mighty Kicks, and Soccer Stars have franchises across the country that teach basic soccer skills using age-appropriate games, drills, and exercises. Many parents find these franchise programs very convenient because they operate on a flexible schedule, and the franchise staff handles all operations without requiring parents to volunteer. 

If you want to volunteer as a coach, referee, or match organizer, consider signing your child up with a local recreational team. Recreational teams are volunteer-driven organizations that emphasize enjoying friendly matches. A competitive league is an excellent option for kids who don’t mind putting in a lot of practice or frequently traveling to matches.

As you can see, there are several ways to encourage your child to play soccer. Just remember to stay positive and have fun.   

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