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How To Find Community After Moving to Los Angeles

From Los Angeles

Moving to a new city can be daunting, especially if you have no connections to that area. People move to Los Angeles and other Southern Californian cities in their droves every year, whether attending college, starting a new job, or pursuing their dreams of an entertainment career.

If you plan on moving to LA in the coming months or are already in the City of Angels, you may wonder how to settle and assimilate quickly. Below is our guide that explains how you can make a city like Los Angeles feel like home by finding community and a sense of purpose.

1. Build Relationships

Making a group of friends is one of the easiest ways to feel at home in a new city. Unless you are exceptionally social and outgoing, you may find it easier to develop a social group by looking for apartments for rent near usc where you can have roommates.

Sharing an apartment with two or three people of a similar age can help you form bonds that may last for many years. Not only would you save money, compared to renting a studio or one-bedroom apartment, but you immediately know several people in a strange city.

You can even host gatherings or parties if your apartment is big enough. Mingling with people in a new city can be nerve-wracking, but if your other roommates are at those parties, each of you will feel more comfortable getting to know new people.

2. Explore Your Neighborhood

Find Community After Moving to Los Angeles

The beauty of living in a city like Los Angeles is the unique culture and history of each neighborhood. Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard aren’t the only things that define this city; there are so many exciting neighborhoods that you can explore, and the best place to start is the one where you live.

On a day off or weekend, spend some time walking around the area around your home or apartment. You don’t even have to go anywhere in particular, as you can walk and take in the scenery and vibes of the area. Immersing yourself in an unfamiliar city will help you feel at ease in these surroundings. Within a few weeks, you will think of these streets as yours.

While exploring the area on foot, you should keep an eye out for all public transit spots. Note where specific buses stop, as you may find this information helpful the next time you are late to work or class.

3. Find Local Spots To Hang Out

Ask most people when they started to feel comfortable in a new city, and most would point to when they found a familiar place to hang out. Whether you enjoy spending time at local restaurants, coffee shops, wine lounges, or dive bars, find your new place in Los Angeles. There are many fantastic options, regardless of where you live in the city.

A local bar or coffee shop makes the entire area feel like your home. Visiting such establishments is a simple way to brighten your day, as there is something to look forward to beyond commuting to and from work. You have a second place where you can start your day or unwind after a long shift. 

4. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Find Community After Moving to Los Angeles

One of the most appealing features of life in Los Angeles is the easy access to hiking trails and parks. The great outdoors is within walking distance for most people in LA, especially if you strategically rent an apartment in a great location.

Spending time outdoors is helpful for your mental and physical health and can also help you connect to a new place. You can explore all the hiking trails in the area until you find the one you love the most. Then, you have a local hiking spot to plan monthly visits.

Beyond hiking and strolling through parks, there is also the incredible beach life for you to enjoy in Los Angeles. If you ever need a pick-me-up, a trip to see the ocean will cheer you up.

5. Discover Your Purpose

Ultimately, you will feel more at home in a new city as you hit your stride personally and professionally. The above tips can help you make friends, feel at ease in LA, and appreciate all it has to offer. 

By continuing to pursue your education or excelling at work, you can complete the process of feeling like a local in Los Angeles. Discovering your purpose and following your dreams will help you feel settled and comfortable in the area.



Moving is never straightforward, especially if you are uprooting your life to attend school, start work, or chase a dream. You are not only dealing with so much change but also have to navigate an unfamiliar area without knowing too many people.

The tips outlined above will make your first few weeks and months in Los Angeles much more enjoyable. You can find a place to live, build relationships, and eventually feel like you have lived in LA your whole life.

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