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How To Dress For a Beach Vacation (Men)

Going to the beach is always an exciting experience, but figuring out what to wear can also be daunting. You want to look good, be comfortable, and not look out of place.

Here are some tips and clothing ideas that can help you dress effortlessly while it’s still comfortable and stylish at the same time. Whether traveling to a tropical island or spending a weekend at the beach, you can’t go wrong with these beachwear suggestions.

Custom Hawaiian Shirts

Custom Hawaiian shirts are always trendy. They come in different prints, designs, and colors, so you can choose the perfect one that suits your personality. Be careful not to pick anything too loud if it’s just a family vacation.

Custom Hawaiian shirts with muted colors or a subtle tropical print looks fantastic and can be an excellent choice for men. Pair them with khaki shorts and flip-flops, and you’re sure to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Custom Vacation Cavana Shirts

Vacation Cavana shirts are known for giving off a laid-back yet classic beach vibe. These shirts are trendy, and they are perfect for a beach vacation.

Pair it with cotton or linen shorts, sneakers, or loafers to complete the laid-back look. You can never go wrong with wearing a shirt that radiates a sense of calm and relaxation.

Custom Men’s Formal Shirts

Dress accordingly for a formal dinner or gala event during your beach vacation. A custom dress shirt or formal shirt is perfect for such occasions.

Choosing lightweight, breathable cotton is the easiest choice, that way you don’t sweat through the fabric, and they don’t wrinkle easily. For a more casual event, choose a shirt with a beachy vibe, such as palm trees or sea waves.

Men’s Custom Twill Overshirts

The beach gets chilly at night, and you can feel the wind when sitting near the shore. A twill overshirt is perfect for such occasions.

You can use it in the daytime as a cover-up from falling asleep or to prevent sunburn. Pair it with shorts or joggers for a casual look or skinny jeans for a more formal event; you can’t go wrong with an overshirt.

Custom Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are considered classic clothing with button-up collars and breathable fabric, ideal for basking in the sun. You can customize the shirt to fit your style with the many options available. They also look great over swimwear during a casual day out at the beach. Wear them with short chinos or linen pants, perfect for lunch at the seaside.

Joggers & Shorts

Shorts are a must-pack clothing item when going to the beach, and joggers are perfect for taking a break from the hot sun and enjoying the cool breeze. They both look great when paired with custom-made shirts of your choice and have been seeing increased popularity in past years as beachwear apparel. Add a bright pair of sneakers to complete the look.

Make Waves with the Perfect Beach Look

Going to the best beaches in Abu Dhabi will always be an exciting plan, and now you don’t have to worry about what to wear while reveling in the sun and the sand. From custom Hawaiian shirts to joggers and shorts, there are plenty of perfect clothing options for your next beach vacation.

These options will all make you feel comfortable and fashionable. Remember that custom-made shirts are always the best choice, as you can get the perfect fit and style for your personality. Ensure you pack each item of clothing based on the occasion to look your best while on vacation.

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