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How to Deal with Rejection

We all reject things on a daily basis. You may reject ideas you don’t like, opportunities that don’t seem worth the trouble, or items that you don’t want. Rejection is just as much a part of our lives as acceptance. In fact, it can help to drive a healthy system of competition and ensure a higher standard of quality. But, it’s a different problem when you or your ideas/work is what is being rejected.

Rejection comes as one of the most brutal strikes because it deals a direct blow to our esteem. Your esteem is an inherent part of yourself which holds pride, esteem, and self-worth intact. When it’s bruised no matter from what source or circumstance, you may feel as though a core part of yourself is damaged. It may stop you from moving forward in life, but it doesn’t have to. When you face rejection, recognize it for what it is and then move forward.

Avoid Taking it Personally

The reason why rejection stings is because it’s given by a person or organization to which you feel some sort of attachment. If you hadn’t had any emotions towards them, then that rejection wouldn’t mean anything. And, when you have that connection, rejection becomes a burden, causing you to believe that there is something wrong with you. Remember that most of the time, rejection isn’t personal and you don’t really know what’s going on in the other person or organization’s mind so try to avoid thinking of it as a personal blow.

Recognize Your Flaws

When you suffer rejection for a job, promotion, or even a love interest, this may be a sign that you do have some areas of your personal or professional life to work on. While not always the case, take some time to reflect on what you may be doing incorrectly or not even doing at all. Self-reflection is a great way to grow so never pass up the chance to think critically about areas where you can work and strive to do better. However, keep in mind that this is not a recommendation to self-criticize but instead to make yourself a stronger, more well-rounded person.

Plan Your Next Attempt

Chances are, one rejection shouldn’t keep you from achieving your goals. If you’ve just been rejected by a relationship partner, plan out how you’re to continue seeking love and affection. If your rejection has just come from a potential job, plan out how you are going to continue seeking your career goals. In some cases, you may need to change your strategy, present yourself differently, or make other significant changes. No matter what you do, don’t ever let rejection keep you from truly enjoying and fulfilling your dreams. Studies have shown that people who can accept rejection and successfully move past it tend to have more fulfilling personal and professional lives. Use this same strategy as much as possible.

Rejection is often painful but you can use it as a catalyst to your success rather than a roadblock. Use this advice to overcome rejection and continue moving towards your goals and aspirations.

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