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How To Dance Like a Male Stripper

7 Tips to Dance as a Male Stripper

  1. Body Control
  2. Floor Dance
  3. Fast & Slow Movements
  4. Body Shape
  5. Perform On Stage
  6. Learning From Male Strippers Live
  7. Keep Your Body Flexible

Body Control

The ability to control your speed of movement and drawing a distinction between both slow and fast dance movements is essential to dance that is atheistically pleasing.

The ability to totally slow down a dance and be in control of every single movement of your body, will draw the attention of your audience on every detail.

Depending on the kind of dance you’re doing, you can adjust the focus of your body to different areas that make up your body.

If you dance with your top down you can use this to your advantage by shifting their attention away towards your chest, then towards your torso, and finally directing their gaze towards your hips.

One great example could be to do a slow body roll during the middle of your dance routine. Your normal speed of hip-hop dance movements will be enjoyable to look at initially, however, you will be able to draw their attention once you stop the speed pattern.

When you start doing the slower body rolls that reaches your hips, then the slow grind of your hips your viewers will be able to see the contrast of speed and movement in your dance.

The rapid, and sexually active body movement will concentrate their attention on your body and capture their attention.

Use different speeds when dancing. Also, when slowing down an individual dance step pay attention to the erotic areas of your body and then move sexually.

Floor Dance

In addition male strippers tend to spend their time performing on floors. Many people have seen instances such as the movie “Magic Mike” where most of the main characters are observed “humping” the floor of the stage.

Again, it’s an extremely sexually explicit movement which resembles having sex. Many people describe it as having sexual relations on stage’. It doesn’t matter if you love watching it or not, it’s always been a massive audience pleaser in male strip shows and clubs.

There’s a specific technique to follow that can be used here. One cannot simply drop to the ground and start with a hip thrust It has to appear attractive.

The most beautiful dancers use many different moves in the air. So instead of pushing the same place 10 times, spin your body across the stage using your arms.

By separating the movements, you can provide variations. An easy move for beginners could be a complete the body (starting at the chest, and finishing in your lower back) on the floor of the stage and followed by a couple of sharp hip thrusts (isolated only to hips and only the hips).

You could also try reverse hip thrusts, that is composed of your feet and hands on the stage, with your hips are facing towards the roof.

Again, it displays diversity which is crucial when it comes to floor work. Remember that the audience can be bored when you do the same routine over and over again so be sure to vary your angles, speed as well as body control and movements.

These are among the most crucial lessons I’ve learned from the sexiest dancers I have met. These techniques greatly improved my relationship with my audience. I could get an enhanced response from women during my sexually explicit dance moves. I hope you’ve learned some interesting methods to enhance your sexuality and integrate these into your own performance.

Fast & Slow Movements

If you’re striptease-ready and are able to shake your body really fast It’s crucial to keep in mind that the slower moves are just as important well. As an example, when you’re shaking things, just slow down and then go for an intimate thrust or body roll and the crowd will be completely enthralled by your sexuality. Slow movements can be an invitation to flirt. When women employ male strippers they are looking for to find a man who will grab the attention of each woman present, and you can do this by slowing down and being sexually attractive.

Body Shape

Strippers allow people to visualize their fantasies, therefore you must appear your best. Mass of muscles is crucial. It’s not necessary to appear exactly like Incredible Hulk, but you’ll require muscles and abs that are defined. Join a gym and begin lifting weights 2 or 3 times per week. When you’re not at the gym, be busy with other activities like swimming or running.

Perform On Stage

 Your stage name should be a shorthand name for your persona as a stripper. The name will serve as a way to present youto the audience, and should convey the kind of experience the audience are likely to get. Many famous strippers go by their real names. This helps them be identifiable However, names that are stage-named can make a statement while sounding appealing. Select a name that is appealing and thrilling.

Learning From Male Strippers Live

If you’re not performing, head to a nightclub filled with male strippers or to the strippers and watch what they do. If you’re not an expert choreographer, it is rare to find anyone who can come up with a fresh dance technique. It is okay to duplicate the dance moves of another. But, it’s not allowed to duplicate their entire routine.

Learn from other people. You can learn dance steps and many more. For example, what kind of costumes do they wear when they dance? What kind of underwear is they wearing – brand name and design? What music is they playing to perform? Did they make use of any props?

You could copy a dance from a dancer, but your exact move will differ. You are a unique body and your body is different from everyone else. You are distinct. So that same dance routine may look different on you.

Be sure to look over the dance floor at the club. There are people who are extremely skilled dancers. Check out their dance moves. If you think they’re extremely talented and have a good idea, ask them if you could receive some dance suggestions from them in private sessions. Talent is talent, whether it’s on the stage or the floor.

Keep Your Body Flexible

There will be times when you need to get into some intriguing positions while straddling women. If you’re situated in the middle of your splits or trying to perform an intense squat that shows off your legs and thighs, it’s essential to stretch. Stripping for men can be quite stressful on your body if it’s not prepared, and body rolls as well as a number of the dance moves that isolate that you’re supposed to be performing need a good warm up so that you’re physically ready.

At The End

Being a male stripper could provide new opportunities and doors. If it’s money from tips or the opportunity to interact with a variety of people, it can be a thrilling field to be part of. The most difficult part of the business is getting ready to dance and perform for ladies at time for showtime. 

Small parties like bachelorette parties, bachelorette nights, and stage shows too require confidence and the ability to striptease to the top of the line. Making progress in your dance skills is the best way to do your very best. Use the tips below to help you become an expert stripper in short time.

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