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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets can feel overwhelming. There are countless choices, from style to material to hardware.

Making these choices with the assistance of a professional may be the difference between a dream kitchen and a total disaster. An expert designer will translate your concepts and demonstrate how they may be used with various cabinet kinds and finishes.


When choosing your cabinets, bear in mind that 15% to 35% of the expense of a kitchen makeover goes toward the cabinets. Price should not, however, take precedence over quality. Cabinets that cost more and are of higher quality may endure longer than cheaper options.

The style of your cabinet doors can significantly impact the look of your kitchen. According to The Spruce, cabinet door styles range from simple and versatile slabs to raised panel doors with a more traditional feel. In addition, certain types of cabinets are designed to complement particular kitchen styles.

The least customized but most economical alternative is stock cabinets. They are already made in common sizes and designs. They may be ordered online or through home improvement stores and are frequently delivered to your door. The starting price is around $70 per square foot.


One of the first things people notice when entering a kitchen is the dominance of the cabinets over the room. They become the center of attention and have the power to create or destroy your entire design concept.

While many aesthetic factors influence the style of kitchen cabinets Seattle, it is essential to consider how they will function within your lifestyle. For example, if you are a cook with limited mobility, invest in sliding drawers instead of hinged doors that require lifting.

The smallest of elements may have a significant impact on cabinet appearance. Door handles and knobs allow you to express your style and tie the room’s concept together. For instance, contemporary stainless steel handles wouldn’t fit nicely with a traditional dark wood kitchen. Simple finishing touches like a valance or recessed bottom may make a big difference. Incorporating features like pull-out pantries or spice racks into your design is also a good idea.


A kitchen cabinet selection is a major purchase, and it’s important to consider the materials you choose. Having the fanciest appliances and a beautiful backsplash is possible, but your whole kitchen will look wrong if you have bad cabinets.

Choosing the right door style is also important, and endless options exist. According to Spruce, slab doors might be best if your home has a modern aesthetic, while arched cabinet doors are more suited for traditional homes.

If you’re on a budget, stock or ready-to-assemble cabinets might be a good option. Often found at big box stores, these cabinets can be a great way to save money without sacrificing quality. Another option is plywood, which is moisture-resistant and termite-proof. It’s also less expensive than solid wood. Alternatively, you can opt for eco-friendly cabinet materials like high-density, high-moisture-resistance (HDHMR) boards made from wood and agricultural waste, fiber chips, and other tightly bound materials.


Cabinets may not be a kitchen’s focal point, but they combine everything. A few key design points will help your cabinets stand the test of time.

For example, a cabinet style with deep crevices and details, such as beadboard, will be more difficult to keep clean than one with smooth, flat panels. A satin finish hides fingerprints better than a glossy sheen, too.

Your starting point should be the tallest point on your floor, or wherever a cabinet will go. If you want to install base cabinets in your kitchen, mark that location on the wall, then use a level to extend a horizontal line. Each cabinet box should be positioned and dry-fitted before being screwed to the studs with trigger clamps. To make sure the corners are square, trim them as necessary. Repeat this procedure for every cabinet box you place in your kitchen. Your doors and trim may be installed once the boxes are set up.

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