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Summer 2022: How To Choose A Day-Bed For Your Garden

Summer is here and there’s one thing on all of our minds: how can we make the most of this sun? A great way to really transform a space and make the most of the gorgeous sunshine is by lounging the summer away on a luxurious daybed. Choosing the right daybed, however, is often a daunting task. From all the different design options, sizes and styles, things can get overwhelming quickly. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to choosing a day bed for your garden this summer to help your garden become the social hotspot of the season.

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One of the first things you should look for if you’re trying to find a day-bed for your garden is comfort. You want your daybed to be a place you can relax and enjoy yourself comfortably in the summer sun, so comfort should be your first priority. Even if you are planning to pick up a cheap mattress and pair it with a simple frame, dress it up with lots of cushions and soft furnishings so that you can recline in comfort. Take time to pick out the right mattress for you, and try out a few different types so that you can decide if you would rather have a daybed mattress which is harder or softer.


The next consideration you should make is the size of the daybed that you want to get. Are you looking at getting a large one that can sit you and a few friends for those long evenings sitting in the sunshine together or do you want to pick one up that has space just for you to while away time by yourself reading and lounging in your garden? Whatever your vision is for how your daybed will get used will determine the size you choose to purchase. Additionally, the size of your garden and the location of your garden where you want to place a sunbed will also influence the size you get. Avoid filling your entire garden with a huge daybed if you only have a small space, instead, find a daybed that fits your garden well.

Stylistic Fit

The final thing you’ll want to consider when you’re trying to choose a daybed for your garden is how it will fit in with your garden aesthetically. Take a look at your current set-up and work out what kind of daybed will look best with it. You could go for a breezy, beach holiday style all-white look or a natural wicker vibe, or even go ultra modern and sleek with dark colours and reflective, metallic surfaces. Whatever you choose, try to tie it all together so that nothing in your garden feels out of place and you can enjoy a relaxing haven worthy of the best daybed.

Whatever your personal style, a daybed will provide you with comfort and a chic look in your garden that doubles as a functional and comfortable place to hang out all summer long!

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