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How to be the Hottest Woman in a Room

Women constantly find themselves wanting to stand out and wanting to be noticed. This is not because of any kind of attention deficit we lacked as children, but because we want to have our names remembered by cute guys at a party. Sometimes those cute guys end up remembering some other girl’s name instead of ours. What can you do to ensure you are always the hot young thing in a room?

Heel it up

Carrie Bradshaw showed us why we need a pair of heels. There is some extraordinary power a pair of heels gives you that cannot be put into words. You have to slip your feet inside your own pair to enjoy the power they have within them. Those cute guys are visual. They always respond to what they see. Choose a pair of heels over flats or sandals and get your sexy on!


There is no greater turn on than a woman with a butt load of confidence. She knows she is beautiful and she shows that she holds this knowledge. Confidence draws others towards you because it always makes them curious about you. To be confident you need to love yourself inside for it to show outside. If you have problems with shyness you need to fake it till you make it.

Always speak clearly without stuttering or mumbling. This can intimidate others and make them eager to please you. Always offer a smile since this makes you look inviting and easy to get along with. Maintain eye contact when talking to others and never break it. This works especially well on cute guys you want to get to know.

Go big or go home

Always dress the best way you can whether you are going to the office or a party. Keep every aspect of your body at its best by keeping your body in shape, taking care of your hair and skin and taking care of your nails. Guys love it when you go the extra mile so you need to always make an effort.

If you have sexy curves or an attractive luscious bosom you need to use this to your advantage. If you fancy yourself as being endowed you need to dress your curves perfectly while showing some leg. Sexy legs should never be hidden behind a long skirt or a hideous pair of jeans. Let the girls out by revealing some cleavage. Wear a low top that shows a little boob to keep them curious and just enough to keep them remembering your name.


A beautiful lady needs a beautiful scent. However, the search for the perfect scent can be difficult. Look around for some well known brands and purchase a sexy feminine scent. Use it in areas that are visible, such as your shoulders so you can always leave your scent lingering in the room.

Have a great personality

There is no greater disappointment what is hot woman with a nasty personality. It’s like having a new car with an old engine. A nasty personality shows others that they would be better off not interacting with you. Try to be cheerful as this will attract others towards you.

Being attractive is something that is external as well as internal. You need to believe you are the hottest woman in the room if you want to be the hottest woman in the room. Put these tips at work and see them work for you.

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