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How To Be Happy With Yourself First

“One of the most difficult things many men and women live without getting is happiness. Happiness does not come from money, wealth, a good job or living a certain lifestyle that many of us think gives us happiness. The ultimate and only source of happiness in the world is being happy with yourself.

Happiness comes from within and one has to be comfortable with oneself before deciding to spread it to other closer people like boyfriends and girlfriends. You have to enjoy every moment of your life irrespective of the situation you could be going through. Without happiness in your life, you can never be kind to others and that’s why one should find their own source of happiness before looking for someone to be in a relationship with. Here are the best tips on how to be happy with yourself before falling in love with a girl or a boy.

Do Not Try To Be a Perfectionist

Many of us do strive to be perfect in everything we do in order to please others. Unfortunately, there is no one who is perfect and if you live to please others, then you will never be happy with yourself. You should learn to appreciate your imperfections and flaws and only work to improve on them and if the improvements don’t yield any result, give thanks to yourself and move on without caring what other people say about you.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

If you live by comparing yourself to others, I can assure you that you will live a life full of disappointments, stress and depression. The best way to live a life full of ecstasy and happiness is living your own life without wasting your time on what other people are up to and what have they achieved. If you dare living a life of comparisons you will find that other people have done more than you which cuts off your happiness immediately.

Follow Your Heart and Dreams

The ultimate goal of everyone’s life is achieving their dreams. Many people do die with great ideas that could actually have transformed the world had they made them a reality. The main reason behind all these is because they were discouraged by others to do so. If you want to be happy with what and who you are, achieve your dreams while still young even before hooking up with someone as a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Forgive Yourself and Others

Holding grudges against others is one of the major issues that have made many people lack happiness in their lives. If one of your friends wrongs you, do not hold it in your heart in the name that you have to revenge before the whole issue is sorted out. Forgiving won’t cost you anything and as a proven fact, it adds to happiness in your life. Just assume no one has offended you and all shall be fine in your life. Just be happy to love life.


Accept yourself for what you are, who you are and what you are in life and life will show love back at you. Do not try to be somebody else because you will never be like them, you will only be like them.”

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