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How Much Corned Beef Per Person – Cooking The Corned Beef

Corning is the process of curing food. The term corn was used when there was no curing process like that of preserving in refrigerators. Where the fact that before the advent of technology, there was no way of preserving food through technological advances. In that age and date people used to dryly cure the beef through the means of salt, more especially the corns. The very corn of salt helps people of old ages to preserve the beef from getting spoiled. Usually, the respective method of preservation, the salt-curing with dried corn salt, was the only helpful method through which they preserve their food.

Bringing corned beef brisket

If you had noticed one thing about corned beef, that it is a relatively hard cut meat, you can’t cut it with a knife into pieces without the above dry-curing process. The very process of dry-curing prevents the beef from getting any spoil, but these large coarse kernels of salt evenly make the beef tender to cut nicely into pieces. The order of making it softer and tender involves cooking with salt fillers to tenderise the briskets. However, the method of bringing is different from that of the dried process of bringing, where today we use a mixture of salt and water.

What is Corned Beef?

The word corn in corned beef is mainly because of the process of corning the cures or preservation of the food. The word corn has nothing to do with corn, maize the cereal grain. You can consider the kernels of corn concerning salts like kernels used in the bringing process.

How much corned beef per person?

  • 1/2lb (8 oz) per person
  • 5 lbs (80 oz) for 10 persons
  • 10 lbs (160 oz) for 20 persons
  • 12.5 lbs (200 oz) for 25 persons
  • 25 lbs (400 0z) for 50 persons
  • 50 lbs (800 oz) for 100 persons

Ps: This implies where a person(Adult) has an average appetite, for a person who has appetite above average would consider around 0.75 pounds.

On an average occasion, when you consider corned beef as a main course of the meal and if there are other dishes, you should be taking corned meat with some expert recommendation, all by considering the nutritional value of the respective corned beef under question. For an average person whose appetite is normal, then that person under the recommendation should be taking around one half of the pound. In kilograms, it makes almost 0.22 KG. While considering a condition where a person has an enormous appetite, he/she should be considering 0.75 of the pounds, which is around 0.34 kilograms.

Considering the reasons

Other than that, the amount of corned beef depends on the person’s appetite, if there are side dishes while considering corned beef as a primary food item, if you want to have leftovers. Above all the serving mainly depends on how you cook corned beef, the consistency of gravy, and whether they meet shrinks. Multiple reasons depend on how much-corned beef per person.


How much time does it take to cook corned beef

When placed on moderate heat, a single corned beef brisket of a pound mostly takes more than one hour. You have to add water that makes up one inch over the meat. Depending on the condition, you have to continually make sure that there is a bare amount of water above the meat in a cooking container. Sometimes it takes more than a given amount of time where the corned beef brisket does not soften and tender, depending on the nature of the beef. Make sure you are providing a medium heat because it is a fact about corned beef brisket as to make its briskets softer and tender, you better cook it over medium heat. And of course at starting time you have to give a maximum heat to boil the water.

An important thing to notice while cooking corned beef brisket

At this point, you have to keep one thing in mind it takes an hour for a half-pound corned brisket. It takes more time when you cook higher amounts of corned beef briskets, which could be three and half hours, mainly depending on the amount.

Corned beef brisket shrinks to one third in the weight

There are foods with divergent nature and tastes that equally take a different cooking method according to their perseverance. Well for corned beef brisket, there are some exceptions which you better keep in mind to serve delicious cooked briskets equally with the right amount per person. It is a universal fact that while cooking corned beef brisket, you lose almost one third volume of your beef. Through the process of shrinking. That is where you should already keep in your mind how much beef to buy as, according to the fact, it is going to shrink around one-third of its amount.

Nutritional value of corned beef

We will not be considering any daily values as they can be very different from person to person according to their caloric requirements. That’s where we will be directly demonstrating the nutritional value for hundred grams of corned beef cooked brisket. Calorie wise it makes up 251. While the respective brisket contains nineteen grams of total fat, where saturated fats are almost six grams. The corned beef brisket has a considerable amount of cholesterol, more than 62mgs. Another essential reading is total carbohydrates which make up a half of the gram. Meanwhile, there are no sugar and dietary fibers in corned beef brisket of hindered grams per amount. More than the corned beef brisket contains a considerable amount of iron, potassium, cobalamin, magnesium, sodium, and other nutrients of similar culture.


Who can eat corned beef brisket

Under the text of nutritional value of corned beef, we have elaborated every other primary nutrient concerning its amount in a hundred grams packages of beef. But again, if we consider the question, is corned beef a healthy source of a meal, then the answer is and straightforwardly a big no. Here is the reason, where at first hand it contains a relatively higher amount of caloric volume. Nevertheless, if we consider a situation where you still have room for given calories, then there is a higher sodium concentration. Not any average healthy person can meet the sodium levels concerning corned beef brisket. Even if the person under question has only to eat corned beef in a day, the corresponding person can not simply meet the sodium levels in a given beef. Still, it will be twice the sodium requirement.

The ideal method of cooking corned beef brisket

The ideal method of cooking corned beef brisket to serve it as softer and tender than should follow the given recipe. Which involves at first-hand a process of boiling the corned beef brisket. Here it would help if you kept in mind that you do not over boil it or provide a high heat. The beef will become even more challenging while boiling it on high heat. So it is better to boil it on a lower heat until it is relatively softer. Add the spices according to the flavor you want. In most corned beef brisket, you receive a particular spice packet.


Method number two

There is method number two if you want your corned beef brisket to be crisper and tasteful, you should half boil your beef and then bake it in your microwave oven. To enjoy a tasteful corned beef brisket that is somewhat crisper and unique in flavour than usually cooked corned beef briskets from a pot.

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