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How Do I Downgrade TurboTax? Lower Priced Version

TurboTax is a well-known software for tax preparation created by Intuit. It functions as an all-in-one tax preparation system that allows taxpayers to electronically file their tax returns with ease. Thanks to the many amazing functions, TurboTax became more familiar with its users and that makes it an excellent tax filing tool. You can choose any of the TurboTax variants that best suit your needs. If you’ve purchased the wrong version TurboTax, you are able to downgrade TurboTax. If you aren’t sure the steps to downgrade TurboTax then follow this tutorial until the very end.

Steps to downgrade TurboTax

Be sure to have all the information you require including tax details, prior to downgrading TurboTax software. Take the necessary steps, and then apply them in order.

  1. First, login to your TurboTax account.
  2. Then, select My Account option.
  3. Click the clear and start Over option.
  4. It will bring you to the beginning of your tax return which will allow you to enter the 2020 tax year information.

It’s all about how you can upgrade TurboTax. We hope that you are able to find this guide helpful and useful.

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