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Homeowner Vs. Property Manager: Arguments For and Against (2023)

Owning a home is a challenge, as there’s always more to look after than what you first expect. Along with the highs that come with being a homeowner, ensuring that your property stays in good shape is crucial for a long-term stay. Whether you’re living in the house alone or planning to rent it out, managing it is necessary for your property’s health and living situation. Because of all the hurdles, homeowners may often look for an extra hand to help them manage their homes. And this is where property management companies come in.

Understanding Property Management & Their Role

Many homeowners look to property management services as a more efficient way of looking after their homes. These service providers specialize in overseeing the maintenance of a home, dealing with tenants, addressing grievances, and more. But the existence of property management services only came around in the 1950s. Today they are responsible for common areas such as: 

  1. Screening and getting to know potential tenants – This includes analyzing tenant applications to determine if the candidates will be suitable for the property and that they do not hold any risks, such as criminal records, financial liabilities, etc.
  1. Advertising services to market the property and attract new tenants – Property managers handle the promotion work on behalf of the homeowner to advertise the home and make potential tenants more aware of a vacant property.
  1. Take on maintenance and repairs for the property. Property management companies look after repair work for different issues existing tenants face or on request of the homeowner, such as plumbing or electrical problems. They ensure that the property stays in shape and take the necessary measures to look after it.
  1. Manage tenant lease agreements – Property management companies can make lease agreements for new tenants, make updates, find loopholes, and more. 

While property management services are becoming increasingly popular, many homeowners still believe that they should look after their homes by themselves. Taking on external forces leaves room for things to go wrong. But doing things by yourself ensures that things will be in your control. So which route is more efficient? Let us look at the argument for and against homeowner vs. property management.

Did You Know?

Less than 50% of landlords manage properties by themselves.

Key Benefits of Property Management Over Homeowners

  1. Professional Management 

Property management providers have professional experience in looking after different areas. They are well-versed with local regulations, market trends, legal updates, and other essential requirements to look after a property. 

While homeowners may miss a professional understanding, property management providers can handle diverse issues and provide efficient solutions. They can also cover areas that homeowners may not be able to access.

  1. Consistent Management 

Property management services can consistently manage different areas depending on a home’s requirements. Because of their knowledge and skill set allow them to take up periodic maintenance, inspections, agreement checks, and more. 

On the contrary, homeowners may not be as consistent, and it could become challenging to handle different areas together and give adequate focus to all.

Did You Know?

Over 51% of homeowners hire property management services for their properties.

  1. Dispute Management 

There may be times when legal disputes may arise from a tenant’s side or the homeowner’s side. Handling them can be challenging if one is unaware of the latest legal regulations surrounding a fixed issue. A property management company has the resources and knowledge to efficiently manage such disputes, which can relieve the stress on the homeowner’s part. If you end up facing a legal issue with a property, you can consult a company dealing with property management in Oakland California, and get the needed solutions to solve the matter.

  1. Handling Property Moves 

Property management companies also assist homeowners with the moving process from one location to another. Suppose an individual is shifting to a new city or state. In that case, these companies look after packing, transport, arranging, and more for the homeowner, making the entire shifting process much more convenient.

  1. Handling Property Insurance 

Property management services can help homeowners make informed decisions about the reliable insurance policies they should consider for their properties. Property management companies also look after insurance concerns on behalf of homeowners. They can advise on new policies, safety measures, suitable covers, etc. When undertaking insurance for your property, you can consult agencies handling property management in Orlando FL to know more about the best policy to cover your needs.

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The Limitations of Property Management Over Homeowners

  1. Can be Expensive 

Taking up property management for a property can prove to be highly expensive. Because these providers take on numerous responsibilities, they also charge accordingly, which may not fall into the homeowner’s budget. 

  1. Restrictive Control 

With property management, homeowners will not have complete control over the work. They will have to leave it to the management company, which may not always listen to the homeowner’s concerns.

  1. It is Challenging to Choose a Suitable Service 

Homeowners will need a provider who looks after the required areas and does the job well. Since there are numerous property managers in the market, it can be challenging to choose the most reliable one. Finding one can be difficult, and there are low chances that the wrong management company is taken on board. 

Did You Know?

There are over 31,000 property management companies registered in the US.


Property management services have brought about significant levels of convenience for homeowners. Whether for rental homes or full-time stays, these service providers can look after different areas and take the burden off a homeowner’s shoulder. However, as with everything, these services also come with challenges that may lead one to wonder if managing things as a homeowner is better. 

Many prefer to handle these responsibilities themselves as it gives them greater control over everything that happens. Hence, if you need a property management service, always search for the most suitable one. That way, you’ll be making a reliable investment and ensuring a healthy future for your property.

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