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Here Are All The Reasons Why Businesses Must Invest In Lanyards

A lanyard is an extended string tied to a card (often an ID card) worn around your neck to identify you in a specific location, most commonly a business or professional setting.

Although seemingly small and simple-looking, lanyards are extremely practical. ‘Lanyard’ comes from the French word ‘lanière.’ In their primitive version, they had been used to temporarily attach weapons like pistols or swords to fabrics and were also used to indicate ranks and identity on uniforms. Although times have changed, lanyards are aiding enterprises and organizations in more ways than one. From breakaway lanyards to tubular, beaded, or woven ones, your firm can tremendously benefit from investing in them. Here is how:

Boosts Brand Awareness:

The brand-building should always be a part of any marketing strategy, whether your company has a well-established brand presence or not. While there are many methods to establish your brand online, lanyards are a great way to do it offline. Customers will quickly recognize your company if your logo or corporate colors are included in the lanyard design.

They are available in various colors, textiles, and synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester. You can also opt for modern, classic, and new lanyard designs to adequately express your company’s identity.

Creates A Sense Of Belongingness:

Although often overlooked, lanyards can assist teams in establishing a sense of working towards the same common goal’ in an effective yet subtle way. Lanyards can also benefit companies with huge teams whose members are unfamiliar with one another. Perhaps you have a group of professionals or temporary employees that collaborate on a one-time basis. If that’s the case, lanyards can help you convey an instant sense of ‘cohesiveness’ to potential consumers.


You won’t have to harm any suits or clothes with sharp holes, tags, or buttons if you use a lanyard to hold ID cards together. They provide a strong return on investment in cost-effective marketing methods because they are made of synthetic materials that do not need to be changed regularly. Lanyards may typically be purchased in large quantities at a reduced total cost, making them more cost-effective.


Lanyards are practically hard to misplace, so you can bid adieu to the headache of missing ID or key cards and the frantic searching at the bottom of your backpack to get to work. Lanyards are recognized and returnable by their nature, so firms don’t have to buy replacements if they’ve been removed and misplaced continually. Besides, they help instantly identify anyone who is not an official staff member, immediately notifying them to security, which is essential for firms that need to guarantee that only authorized individuals are allowed on the premises.

Supports Sales Efforts:

Advertising or marketing aims to promote your sales and customer service efforts, but lanyards are handy for in-person sales. When you wear a lanyard as a salesperson, you give potential consumers a first and lasting impression. Consumers feel more comfortable approaching anybody wearing a lanyard because it gives them a professional appearance.

Provides Functionality:

A customized lanyard is a terrific practical item since it can serve multiple uses. You can link a necessary object to the lanyard, such as your keys, masks, or ID cards. They’re also a handy work tool. Your employees may be required to have particular objects on their person in many circumstances. However, they must still be able to execute things with their hands, free. And if you want further to enhance the ease of use for your employees, opting for breakaway lanyards can be your best bet!

Lanyards are loaded with features and functionality and give you every reason to invest in them. So when are you planning to make the most of them?

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