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How to Get Natural Seductive Lips

Healthy and seductive lips are every woman’s dream. Yet, there truly is a natural approach to get the ball rolling. That’s right, this article gives top secrets to getting romantic lips naturally which looks an beauty. Yes, you want that adoring look on our lips:

Remove all lip make-up at night

Ever wondered why your lips tend to get dry and even discolored? It’s because you leave lip make-up on overnight. Ensure you remove both lipstick and lip liner before you get to bed. You might consider using a make-up remover or cleanser, for that matter. Either, olive oil or almond oil should do just fine. You’ll need to rub just a little on a cotton ball, and get all of your lip make-up removed. There really is no excuse to that.

Moisturize your lips

When it comes to getting pink lips, frequent and intense moisturization is primary. You want to do it right too. During the day, wear your favorite hydrating lip balm. At night, however, you want to use slather on a layer of petroleum jelly. Did you know that lip moisturization is especially important during winter and summer? That’s the time when your lips tend to dry out the most, a thing that should make them flaky as well. Natural moisturizers like cocoa butter, olive oil and almond oil will help make things right.

Don’t lick your lips

Licking your lips doesn’t get them moisturized! On the contrary, it gets them to dry even more. Which is why you want to get rid of lip-licking by all means. Yes, even it means getting something that will take the place of your saliva, just do it. You might as well consider applying aloe juice on your lips. It does a good job to help ward off lip-licking.

Quit Smoking

The tobacco in cigarettes not only stains lips, but makes them dull too. Yes, quitting smoking is sure to boost the appearance of your lips. Of course, it can be quite difficult to abandon smoking. But if you surpass the odds, your lips and lungs should only thank you for that.

Drink water

Moisturizing your lips on the outside is fine, but hydrating them from within is better. Drink plenty of water every day; at least two liters. As well, eating fruits rich in high water content should be ideal. Such fruits include tomatoes, melon, and cucumber, just to name but a few.

Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush

One of the best ways to getting your lips look pink naturally is to exfoliate them with a toothbrush. Plus, you want to do it regularly. All you need to do is damp a soft-bristled toothbrush in water and rub your lips gently with it. Beware to use small circular motions; it gives better results. Lip exfoliation helps slough off dead skin, much as stimulating blood flow to the lips. The result? Soft, pink and romantic lips, every woman’s desire.

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