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If you are interested in leaf-free gutter systems, you need to know what the K-Guard leaf-free gutter system is all about. K-Guard is the only gutter system that is fully integrated. This patented technology holds gutter guards securely in place. Based in Westerville, Ohio, K-Guard claims that its gutter guards are the longest-lasting gutter guards in the U.S. and have the highest customer satisfaction.


The K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutter Systems are engineered to provide the utmost in durability, aesthetics, and strength. A remote, patented hanger system supports the gutters, and the K-Guard system features both. The K-Guard system was created by Gary Knudson of Knudson Manufacturing, located in Broomfield, Colorado, in 1996. The company’s owner, Jackson Bain, has four generations of experience in the construction industry.

The K-Guard leaf-free gutter system is a seamless product with patented polymer hangers that ensure the system will not sag. The gutters are five inches wide and have oversized downspouts to flush excess water away from the home’s foundation. The K-Guard gutter system is available in 37 colors to match any color scheme. In addition, these gutters are guaranteed to remain clog-free for life.


With the K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutter Systems, you can easily maintain your gutters and keep them free of debris. They have a seamless design and are highly durable. If you have a steep-pitched roof, you should opt for this system. It is a comprehensive solution for any home, including those with complex designs. It is also guaranteed to prevent water damage to your home.

Besides being easy to install and maintenance-free, the K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutter Systems offers a complete package of benefits. They include full-sized gutters with 3 1/4 inch bottoms, angled hangers, front and rear drainage channels, hood-free installation, and a smooth, attractive design. They can also protect your roof and siding from damage caused by water.


A professional K-Guard leaf-free gutter installation can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 for a 200-foot home. Depending on the size and complexity of your system, this cost can increase. A K-Guard representative can visit your home to provide a free, written estimate for your specific situation. This system is an efficient way to protect your home from leaves and debris and is affordable.

A K-Guard leaf-free gutter system is the only option that features a 45-degree inside corner, eliminating the potential for corner water clogging. The curved design allows water to flow around the corner and down the downspout. While traditional gutters aren’t curved, they do not solve this problem and can result in leaky corners. Additionally, a K-Guard leaf-free gutter system will eliminate the need to clean leaves and other debris from your gutters.


No other gutter system can match the patented technology and integrated design of K-Guard. K-Guard Gutter Guards are held securely in place by patented polymer hangers. Developed in Westerville, Ohio, K-Guard gutter guards are the most durable gutter guards in the U.S. and boast the highest customer satisfaction rate. Installation of K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutters ensures that your home is protected from clogs and organic debris. This will help you ease your worries about having to remove leaves or organic debris.  In addition, with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, you’ll be relieved that the gutter system’s components won’t chip, peel, or crack. Plus, it comes with a lifetime quality warranty.

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