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Fuller Lip Solutions – Makeup Tips

“From Marylin Monroe’s pillowy pout to Rihanna’s scarlet smirk to Angelina Jolie’s plump pout, and now, Kylie Jenner’s bombshell pucker, full lips will always be trendy. Plus, faking a fuller lip is really just about highlighting your natural lip line with the right set of tools and techniques. This article explains the solutions.

Use a lip pencil for makeup

Yes, it’s not all about injections and plastic surgeries. Your lip pencil would just as much create an illusion of fuller lips with ease. All you need to do is match the lip pencil’s color with your lips natural complexion. After which you should line your lips carefully with the pencil. Ensure the tip is sharp enough to give a complete fuller look. Also, you want to focus on your natural, outside lip line. Otherwise, if you go way past that, you should look like you are wearing clown makeup.

Apply lip gloss

After bringing out the natural lines around your lips, consider applying some shiny, high gloss lip color. As usual, pick a shade similar to your lips natural color. You want to refrain from using a dark color shade, which can make your lips look smaller. To make your lips appear bigger, use a somewhat lighter shade.


To keep your lips soft and plump, you are bound to hydrate them. Selecting a lip gloss that penetrates your lips would be handy here with full of beauty. Of course, what percolation does is hydrate your lips entirely, helping increase their volume. That’s right, hydration apparently tackles the problem from inside your lips.

Go for peppermint-rich products

Peppermint has both a cooling and heating effect, a thing that naturally plumps your lips. When purchasing lip products, pick those with peppermint and capsicum. They should help give a finer, fuller look.

Exfoliate your lips

Exfoliation stimulates cell production, allowing your lips to regenerate. The action further prevents your lips from getting slender, aiding a full appearance. Plus, you want to exfoliate during the nights, contrary to day-times. Obviously, the regeneration thing would work better while you sleep. Even so, the result would be far pronounced if, after exfoliation, you apply some generous lather of lip balm on the lips.

Work to increase your lips collagen production

If you didn’t know, your lips apparently get thinner as you get older. It’s because collagen production slows down with time, making your lips shed off some volume. The result? Thinner lips, and also less shapely. That goes without mentioning that you need to invest in collagen-producing foods to help curb the situation. Such foods include soy products, dark green vegetables, red fruits among others. Also, some dermatologists recommend alpha-hydroxyl products for collagen production. After all, all you want is a fuller lip, right?

What the aforementioned solutions are telling us is, it’s possible for every woman to get fuller lips, even if they’ve been trying for months. And while the market boasts quite a range of products, I would recommend going for those with minimized side effects. Those should help give your lips a full look while saving you a myriad of reactions.”

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