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From Oil to Skincare: The 4 Hottest CBD Products Right Now

One of the reasons that CBD has seen such an explosive rise in popularity is its amazing versatility as an ingredient. Once isolated from the rest of the cannabis plant and stripped of the psychoactive compounds, CBD can be added to products in order to spread its supposed benefits. Here are four of the hottest CBD products on the market right now.

What Does CBD Do?

As far as confirmed science goes, CBD has yet to prove itself. All that supports it are many avid fans of CBD who have found its inclusion in their lives to be a huge benefit. Although this evidence is only anecdotal, this hasn’t stopped CBD from becoming increasingly relevant as an industry all over the world. Lifestyle and wellness enthusiasts praise CBD for its ability to soothe the nerves, acting as a sleep aid for people with chronic stress and insomnia. On the healthcare side, some people use CBD products to ease their symptoms and pain. Research continues to explore CBD’s possible uses.

1. CBD Oil

CBD oil is one of the most common and versatile methods of using the compound. Once you have the oil, you can use it in a variety of ways. People use a pipette to place drops of the oil under their tongue or at the back of their mouth if they want quick and easy access to the benefits. The oil can also be rubbed into the skin for pain relief purposes.

2. Gummies

Gummies come in all kinds of shapes and tastes to suit different customer preferences. This means that there is a high demand for CBD gummies, especially from people who prefer this method to using oil by itself. Depending on your dietary needs, you can find CBD gummies that are sugar-free or even vegan.

3. CBD Skin Products

Everyone is always looking for the next revolutionary skincare ingredient that will magically resolve blemishes or aging. One of the most recent additions to the list of exciting new skincare ingredients is CBD. Sellers such as Supreme CBD supply various skincare products infused with CBD as the most compelling ingredient. Exfoliating scrubs, soothing balms, and refreshing serum are making their way into people’s bathroom cabinets and skincare routines. As with introducing any new product into your regimen, make sure to patch test before use to avoid unwanted reactions.

Following are the most popular CBD infused Skin products:

  1. CBD-infused Lotion
  2. CBD-infused Serum
  3. CBD-infused Face Oil
  4. CBD-infused Body Oil
  5. CBD-infused Body Butter
  6. CBD-infused Cream
  7. CBD-infused Lip Balm
  8. CBD-infused Eye Cream
  9. CBD-infused Face Mask
  10. CBD-infused Cleanser
  11. CBD-infused Toner
  12. CBD-infused Exfoliator/Scrub
  13. CBD-infused Bath Salts
  14. CBD-infused Body Wash
  15. CBD-infused Shampoo
  16. CBD-infused Conditioner
  17. CBD-infused Hand Cream
  18. CBD-infused Massage Oil
  19. CBD-infused Sunscreen

4. Chocolate

It’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t like chocolate. By infusing CBD into chocolate, manufacturers have found a way to hugely increase sales of their products. Just as there are many varieties of ordinary chocolate, there is also a wide range of chocolate infused with CBD. Whether you like dark chocolate, nutty chocolate, or any other kind of chocolate, you will likely find a CBD version to suit your tastes.

While CBD has not been proven to have any scientifically backed impact, it is still a popular ingredient for a wide variety of products. CBD oil, gummies, skincare, and chocolate are all hugely popular among existing fans of the cannabis compound and those who are new to trying it out.

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