get smooth skin

It’s no secret that your skin is a reflection of what you eat you are what you eat! Here are some foods for great skin, that taste pretty yummy too! Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick them up and incorporate them into your meals.


If you have oily skin, this is perfect for you! It is a natural salicylic acid producer, which is what they put in acne-treatment products to help clear pores. Grapefruit tastes great by itself, but works beautifully in a juice mixture as well.


They have extreme cooling properties that can help with swelling and bloating of your skin. It also contains silica which brightens your skin. You can also use cucumbers by putting a slice over your eyes to reduce puff eyes.


Not only do they have the health kind of fats, they are loaded with vitamin B. That combo is great for keeping your skin hydrated and glowing. Avocados work like a mayo – it can be spread on sandwiches and used as a condiment.

Goji Berries

These Berries contain high amounts of anti-oxidants, which protect your skin from pollution and sun damage. These are a great toppings for salads and also in a fruity juice mixture.


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