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Fitness Gift Ideas for the Active Person in Your Life

With Christmas not too far away now, it’s time to start thinking about what you might buy all the key people in your life and browse for good deals and ideas. 

If you have one or more physically active people you need to buy for, here are some suggestions to consider.

A Gym Membership

If you know someone keen to join a gym but who hasn’t been able to afford it lately or worries about outlaying the money, you might like to help them out by presenting them with an annual gym membership. If this amount seems too steep, you can always gift them part of their membership fee to get them started. 

Alternatively, a great way to help someone jumpstart their fitness if they’re new to it and need to learn a lot is to give them a pack of personal training sessions. This one-on-one attention can be just the way to help them get started on a new fitness journey and lower the motivation factor required to get to the gym.


If you’re looking for a fun present idea for someone in your life who likes to be outside and try new things or who you remember loving to rollerskate as a child, you might like to purchase some rollerskates online or in-store. These items aren’t too expensive, come in all sizes and colors, and can be a nostalgic gift to keep the loved one in your life smiling.

Want to add a little extra something to this gift? You might pop in some knee and elbow guards to help protect your friend or family member’s body parts if they need to learn to skate or remember how to do so. Another idea is to do some research and put together a list of great spots for your loved one to go and try out their new gift. 

Water Bottle

A water bottle is a gift that never goes out of style and is always useful for a fitness fanatic (or even a newbie to the world of sport and exercise). These items come in at prices to suit every budget, and you can find something to suit every taste. 

For instance, you might order a personalized bottle for your friend or family member or pick them out a product that relates to one of their favorite books, movies, TV shows, or other pop culture reference you know they’ll appreciate. There are also eco-friendly water bottle options, such as those made from bamboo or recycled glass, or plastic. 

Plus, if you know someone who struggles to stay hydrated enough, especially when they exercise a lot, you could purchase them a water bottle with lines across it that indicate the amount consumed and give tips on at what time of day they need to get to each point to complete their one or two-liter goal for the day. 

Tennis or Golf Lessons

People who enjoy being fit and healthy sometimes get bored of doing the same exercises all the time. In this case, they may be looking for new sports or activities to try throughout the year. You may also know someone who has been talking about testing a new exercise for months and want to encourage them to do so.

Either way, if you’re looking for gift ideas for sporty people, why not provide them with some lessons? Or you can even gift a golf valuables pouch, which will surely be appreciated as this is useful to a golf player during play. Two of the most popular options tend to be tennis or golf, but you could also pick them up a voucher for introductory lessons for yoga, pilates, squash, boxing, basketball, etc. 

Book a Massage Session For Them

Perhaps you need to find a present for a loved one who has no problem getting exercise done but often seems to have a sore back, neck, shoulders, knees, tennis elbow, or some other physical complaint. If so, or if you know that someone does a lot of workouts and simply has tired muscles frequently, a voucher for a massage can be an excellent gift. Choose a location close to the recipient so they don’t have to travel far or pick out a masseuse you know is excellent from personal experience or reviews from other people in your life. 

Other gift ideas for the active person are a yoga pack, home gym items (such as resistance bands, books or cards with suggested exercises, dumbbells, etc.), a waterproof phone case if they do water-based activities, earbuds, sports sunglasses, or a cap. You might also like to buy a fitness magazine or app subscription for your loved one, a blender for them to make protein smoothies, or some workout clothing.

As you can see, the options are plentiful, so whether you shop online today or go to stores in-person near you, you shouldn’t find it hard to find an applicable gift for a sporty, health-conscious recipient

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