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Finding the Time to Tackle Your Video Game Backlog 

It isn’t difficult to see why so many gamers are dealing with sizable backlogs these days. Between big-name AAA titles and creative indie offerings, a fair number of us have more games than we know what to do with. Furthermore, as is the case with any type of media backlog, finding the time to make headway into all the games you’ve amassed is liable to seem tricky. However, as you’ll find, tackling your video game backlog in earnest doesn’t have to be a stressful undertaking.

Make Time for Gaming Every Day 

One of the most effective ways to find time for any hobby is making it part of your daily routine. So, if it’s been a long time since you last gamed on a regular basis, consider incorporating designated gaming time into your everyday schedule. In addition to helping you comfortably ease back into regular gaming, this will make it easier to finish the games you start. After all, if you devote a set amount of time to gaming every day, you’re bound to get through your backlog eventually. This is why readers who have fallen behind with library backlogs assign themselves a specific number of pages or chapters per day.

Of course, for people with packed schedules, carving out designated gaming time might be easier said than done. If this describes your situation, do your best to find pockets of free time in your busy schedule. For example, if you unwind by watching television for several hours each night, consider cutting back on TV and devoting one hour of that time to video games. You may also want to consider getting up an hour earlier than usual and using the extra time to fulfill your daily gaming quota. If lack of focus and/or stamina is an issue, consider taking some good gamer supplements

Tackle One Game at a Time 

With such a deluge of interesting titles being released, the temptation to work on multiple games at once can be overwhelming. However, while it may bring you some short-term satisfaction, this approach is unlikely to help your game completion rate. It may even overwhelm you, thereby making you less likely to devote ample attention to any game.   

For this reason, it’s recommended that you stick to one game at a time. Although people with massive amounts of leisure time may be able to juggle multiple games, most of us have other commitments to attend to. So, if you’ve gotten into the habit of playing multiple games at once, switching to one game at a time is likely to increase your completion rate exponentially. 

Be Mindful of How Many Games You Accumulate 

These days, games are easier to come by than ever. In addition to being available through various retail stores, most video games can be purchased digitally with nothing more than a few button clicks. Given how easy they are to buy, it’s easy to see why so many of us have more games than we know what to do with. 

Needless to say, constantly purchasing games is only going to make the backlog problem worse. With this in mind, Consider using a storage server to archive and backup games that you are not currently using, until you’ve made some solid headway into your existing backlog. Additionally, there are a number of good reasons to avoid purchasing new titles at launch.  

Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away from Certain Games 

At the end of the day, gaming is a hobby – and hobbies are meant to kindle enjoyment. So, if you’re currently devoting large amounts of time to completing games in which you’ve lost interest, don’t be afraid to abandon them in favor of games you actually enjoy. In other words, if you can’t picture yourself deriving any more enjoyment from a particular game, you shouldn’t feel compelled to finish it. After all, games are meant to be fun, not work, and if you’re not feeling a certain game anymore, your time is better spent on other titles. 

There’s little wonder as to why so many of us are dealing with massive video game backlogs these days. With so many fascinating titles being released at a steady clip, we’re simply purchasing games faster than we can play them. Fortunately, getting on top of your backlog is much easier than many gamers realize. Anyone looking to get a handle on their gaming backlog in a timely and stress-free manner can benefit from the pointers outlined above.

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