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Exploring the Best Go-Kart Tracks Near Pittsburgh at Caddie Shak

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A fun activity for people of all ages, go-karting is an exciting way to get your heart rate pumping and your arms working. But you’ll want to know the rules before you head out on the track. Blasting, blocking, and nudging are not permitted. Once another kart is alongside (1/2 a kart length), the driver being passed may not change their line in an attempt to block or maneuver dangerously.


Unlike other go-kart facilities that throw kids on the tracks and let them ride, Caddie Shak encourages children to participate as much as possible. The park offers plenty of ways for them to do so, including bumper boats, batting cages, paintball shooting galleries, and kiddie rides. The parks also strongly focus on safety, requiring helmets and head socks for all drivers, automatic shutdown systems, and flexible guard rail systems. Kids 5 or older can race along the rookie track, while those ready for a more fast-paced experience can hit the Grand Prix Go Kart Track.

Three Go-Kart Tracks, a Driving Range, Two Mini Golf Courses, Bumper Boats, Batting Cages, Water Wars, a Bungee Jumper, and an Outdoor Party Pavilion. Open Spring through early Fall. Great for Birthday Parties and groups. Caddie Shak is family fun and one of the best Pittsburgh go-kart tracks for affordable thrills in the Laurel Highlands. There are also plenty of other activities to explore, such as a T-Rex Bounce House, two water slide attractions, and an arcade. So, if you’re looking for a way to beat the heat and get your adrenaline pumping, head to Caddie Shak today.

Types Of Fun

If you are looking for excitement, this place is a great option. You can channel your inner NASCAR champion and race around the three go-kart tracks or test your golfing skills at two adventure-style courses. There are bumper boats with water cannons, a T-Rex bounce house, two water slide attractions, an arcade, a driving range, batting cages, a paintball shooting gallery, kiddie rides, and more. Junior racers at Steel City and Three Rivers can compete in Naskart Go Kart Track designed to be safe for beginners, with speeds set at an exhilarating 20 mph (adult karts go up to 55 mph). The state-of-the-art track setup at Steel City allows for easy redesign to give repeat racers a different experience each time they visit. It is hard to get bored at this family fun center near Pittsburgh, and the outdoor fun park is open from Spring through early Fall.

Guests can choose from three Go-Kart Tracks, a Driving Range, two Mini Golf Courses, Bumper Boats, Batting Cages, Small Amusement Rides, Water Wars, Bungee Jumper, and the Snack Shak. It is also an excellent location for birthday parties and group events. This is one Pittsburgh family entertainment center that will make your tongue hang out from all of the fun!

Tracks for Adults and Kids

The Wilson Circuit Kart Track is a world-class facility offering a fun-filled kart racing experience. It is an outdoor racetrack with a high-grade asphalt surface that provides plenty of kart grip. It also has a barrier system that can absorb impacts and prevent unwanted accidents. The track is designed with twists, turns, and speeding straight sections to give you a complete racing experience. The karts are ergonomic in design and easy to control, making them great for drivers of all ages. The track also has an accurate lap-timing system to help you compete against other racers. For the younger go-kart fanatics, there is the Rookie Track.

This smaller version of the main track offers a more controlled environment for young children to get started in go-karting. The karts are designed for small kids to ensure they are safe and can handle the speed. In addition to the three go-kart tracks, Caddie Shak offers miniature golf, batting cages, bumper boats, Water Wars, and a bungee jumper. It is the perfect place for a family outing and can be used to host birthday parties, group events, and more. The park is open from Spring through early Fall.

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