Grow A Bigger Booty

Let’s speak about butts because, let’s face it, who doesn’t desire a good one? Not only do powerful glutes look good, but building glute strength also has advantages.

A strong booty is necessary for peak performance and can reduce the risk of damage to your knees, lower back, hamstrings, and groin. Your glutes provide explosive power in leaps and hip extensions. Stronger glutes equal more power for Olympic lifts. Strong glutes increase athletic performance, and they may also aid with posture and lower body alignment. Here are some glute exercises you should incorporate into your training program to increase strength and achieve your desired booty.

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Single-Leg Romanian Deadlifts

Single-Leg RDLs are excellent for developing the glutes, the posterior chain musculature (hamstrings and glutes), and the hips and core. Start with your body weight when integrating this exercise into your training routine to ensure proper technique and movement.

To perform the single-leg RDL, stand on one foot with your knee slightly bent. Press into the mid/back of your foot and your big and baby toes to increase overall stability during the exercise. Hinge your hips as far back as possible without breaking the neutral spine. Check that your body is straight to the floor and that your pelvis is not tilted. Return to the start position by dropping your foot and pressing your hips forward until you feel a moderate stretch in your hamstring.

Sumo squats

Sumo squats target the glutes, making them an excellent booty exercise. Begin with a wide stance and toes at a 45 ° angle. Shoulders back and chest up, begin lowering by pulling your hips back a little bit, then bending your knees and tracking your middle toes. Maintain your weight in your mid-foot and try as hard to hit maximum depth (knees past hips)!

You may also add weights (carrying a kettlebell or dumbbell in front of you) or by creating these tempo squats (lowering for a three count, holding the bottom of the squat for a three count, exploding back up). Including a few sets of 15 repetitions of these squats in your warmup or supplementary training can help lift, tone, and develop your glutes.

Glute bridges

This exercise may be performed using only your body weight, a band over your knees, or a barbell on your hips.

Lie flat on the ground, with your feet beneath your knees and hip-width apart.

Activate your glutes as you lift your hips to line up with your knees. Hold the top position for at minimum one second before lowering your hips to the ground. Don’t overextend your low back to raise your hips higher.


This is another great workout that may be done with or without weights. Lunges are very adaptable because you can do a lot of reps at high intensity or fewer repeats at a slower tempo with weight added. Lunges can increase core strength, hip flexor flexibility, and balance in addition to glute activation. Walking lunges, stationary lunges, and raised lunges are all options you can try.

Maintain a straight upper body and a firm core. Step forward or backward, pushing your hips down with each step until your knee lightly contacts the ground. (Avoid slamming your knee on the floor.) Stand up by pushing your hips back up and stepping your feet together to finish the movement.


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