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Essential Towel Radiator Maintenance Tips

We all deserve to feel warm and comfortable in our homes, which is why it is essential that we look after our radiators. Whether you prefer column or designer or vertical radiators, they all benefit from regular maintenance and checks so that they can keep you warm in the colder months. Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best maintenance tips to keep your towel radiators working as they should. 

Why choose a towel radiator? 

Towel radiators are some of the most modern on the market. They are used most often in bathrooms and kitchens, to dry towels when you’re not using them. You can choose a towel rail to suit your requirements, whether you need to heat a large or small room, and they come in various sizes, so you can benefit even if you’re short on wall space. Towel radiators can also be curved so that you can hang your towels more easily and dry them thoroughly. You can choose from a variety of different styles and finishes – there is a radiator for everyone! Whether you prefer a chrome finish to look chic, or a coloured radiator to act as a statement piece within your home, towel rails are a great addition and looking after them is important so you can reap the benefits for years to come. 

Towel radiator maintenance

It is important that you take the time to look after the heating system around your home so that you can keep your radiators in top condition over the course of their lifetime. This way, you can be sure that your heating works effectively when you need it most. Here are a few of the ways you can keep up with your towel radiator maintenance to ensure a warm and cosy home. 

Check the valves

If your towel rail is a couple of years old, you should make sure that you check the valves regularly. The valves on your towel radiator are likely to become stiff and even stuck if you do not turn them on a regular basis, which means you will struggle to regulate the temperature within the room as well as you’d like. Keep up to date with valve maintenance by turning each valve on all the way, and then back off to their normal position. If you cannot move your valves, they may need to be replaced. 

Bleed your radiator

This is a maintenance method that you should use on all your radiators, as well as your towel rails. Over time, air can become trapped in the system when your radiators have not been turned on for a while, for example in summer. This means your radiator won’t heat as it should, meaning you won’t get effective heating. You should turn on the valve at the top of your towel rail and take notice of the water flowing out – once it starts to flow clear, you can turn the valve off into its closed position. This allows you to ensure even heating through the rail and therefore, your home. 


If you find that your heating system, including your towel rail, isn’t working as it should, it is cold in places or not heating to the temperature that you need, your boiler may need to be descaled. If your heating hasn’t been used in a little while – like during the warmer months, the water can leave behind calcium and magnesium deposits, which have an impact on the way your boiler works. You can carry out this maintenance by choosing a descaling solution and using the directions that are stated on the product.  

When to perform maintenance 

It is best to perform maintenance on your heating system and radiators around your home when you do not need them – the summer is the best time for this. During the warmer months, you don’t need to use your heating, and therefore if you come across a problem, you have time to fix it before the cold, winter months set in. If you come across an issue that you can’t fix yourself, plumbers tend to be less busy in the summer, meaning they’ll be able to solve your issues more easily. Waiting until the winter to discover an issue means you won’t be able to heat your home when you need it most! 

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