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Equip Your Kitchen For Healthy Eating and a Feast for The Eyes

A gorgeous-looking kitchen certainly is a pleasure to have, but it’s the food that comes out of the kitchen that matters most! Whether you’ve just upgraded your kitchen or are looking to get the best out of an older one, these kitchen basics will help you to create dishes that look and taste great.

Sharp Kitchen Knives

Even the best kitchen knives don’t stay sharp forever, so be sure to have a good-quality sharpening stone to get the edge on your food preparation. You’ll not only make your task easier – sharp knives are key to attractively presented food. Sharpening your knives isn’t a difficult task. It’s easy to get the hang of it once you’ve grasped the technique. 

Attractive Oven-Safe Dishes in a Range of Sizes

Arranging your prepared food on serving dishes can be a tricky business. Save yourself the effort and present your dishes beautifully by choosing oven-safe dishes that look great on the table too. Looks really do count. Help your family to work up an appetite at first glance with great-looking ovenware and fragrant food. 

Heavy-Bottomed Pots and Pans

Lightweight cookware presents several problems for even the best of cooks. Heat is transferred too quickly and too unevenly, and thin-bottomed pots tend to warp, adding to your heat-distribution woes. Reduce the need for constant stirring and flipping with durable cookware that helps you to get the best results you’re capable of

A Slow-Cooker

In a world where “fas” and “instant” rule the day, there’s something special about a meal that’s been left to simmer gently for hours. Tender meats fall from the bone, and flavours blend beautifully when you invest in a slow-cooker. Fill your crock in the morning and return home to a beautifully cooked meal – it’s an absolute winner!

A Meat Thermometer

Take the guesswork out of meat preparation with a meat thermometer. Is it rare or well done? It can be hard to tell once the outside is seared. That little nick you made to check the colour makes your meat look messy, so go with a meat thermometer instead. Never serve under or overdone meats again. 

A Stick Blender

From smooth soups to whipped cream, a stick blender is an absolute pleasure to have in the kitchen. Yes, you can get the same results with various mashers and whisks, but the time-saving makes this handy tool a must-have for the busy home chef. Not as bulky and hard to clean as a food processor, it’s the tool you’ll find yourself using without thinking twice. 

Beautiful Wood Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting boards certainly aren’t the cheapest option, but they’re easy on your knives and they look great. Serve up crackers and cheese for afters, or use it to present crusty, home-made bread and butter. The simple things in life can look classy too. Sort of trivets? Your wooden cutting boards will do the job just as well. 

The Art of Good Food

Simple food can still tempt jaded palates. Combine your cooking skills with good kitchen equipment and present every dish with pride. Whether you’re cooking dinner in a hurry or are taking your time with a slow-cooked feast, the right kitchen accessories will enhance your efforts. 

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