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Easy Solutions for Iron Deficiency

“If you’ve ever struggled with iron deficiency, then you may be having trouble getting iron into your diet. Iron is actually absorbed very poorly, so many people aren’t able to get enough from eating a balanced diet. However, by making some simple changes, you can improve your iron status. Follow these solutions to ensure that you’re not deficient anymore.

Eat More Legumes

Legumes or beans are a great source of iron. They’re also packed full of phytonutrients, protein, and heart-healthy fiber. So, if you’re trying to include more iron in your diet, then you can try to include more beans into your meals. Black and kidney beans are some of the easiest type to find in grocery stores. You can incorporate them into your diet through a variety of dishes. Try adding them to soups and stews, salads, or seasoning them for a tasty side dish. They have a mild flavor so you can enjoy them in a wide variety of ways.

Cook with Cast-Iron

Cast-iron skillets are one of the best and unknown ways to increase your iron status. Every food that you cook in a cast iron skillet is going to contain iron, so why not make this one of your favorite cooking pots in the kitchen? You can use your cast-iron skillet in both the oven and on the stove top. Cook cornbread in the skillet, omelets, and almost any other dish you can think of to improve your iron intake. Iron skillets also retain heat well and cook evenly, so you’ll enjoy the meals that you make with this tool.

Incorporate Beef

Beef is a great source of iron that your body can easily absorb and use. If you enjoy eating beef, try increasing how much you eat on a regular basis. To make sure that you’re getting a healthy amount for good health, choose lean cuts and stick with 3-ounce portions in your meals. Ground beef can be seasoned in a variety of ways and is great for tacos, hamburgers, and soups. You can also choose nicer cuts of meats on special occasions when you want to enjoy a steak or roast. Try to get one serving every day to improve your iron intake.

Increase Leafy, Green Vegetables

Leafy, green vegetables such as spinach, chard, broccoli, and kale are all good sources of iron. They’re especially important to have in your diet if you’re a vegetarian. The good news is that leafy, green vegetables can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. You can make them into wraps and salads, as well as packing them for snacks or cooking into meals. No matter how you enjoy them, try to get at least one serving every day.

These are some simple tips to improve your dietary intake of iron. Although it can be difficult to get adequate iron through your diet, making small changes can significantly improve your intake. Also, since many people don’t enjoy taking iron supplements, you can avoid them by making these changes. Follow these tips and you’ll soon notice that your iron deficiency decreases over time.”

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