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“Fluids make up about 80% of our bodies by composition. Though fluids form a medium for most of the biological reactions, some fluids are also sleep-inducers, as discussed below. Most of these fluids contain tryptophan which triggers production of serotonin and melatonin hormones which allows one to sleep well. Below is the nitty-gritty of some drinks that help you sleep at night.

6 Drinks That Helps You To Sleep Good at Night Are Follows:

Decaffeinated teas

There are several decaffeinated tea blends that have been linked with inducing sleep. For instance, the lemon balm tea reduces anxiety, promoting sleep and relaxation. Decaffeinated green tea contains theanine, an amino acid which reduces stress and enhances restful sleep. Celestial seasoning’s sleepytime tea, Republic of tea get some tea and Harney and sons yellow and blue tea are blends of several sleep-inducing products such as chamomile, lavender, lemon grass and spearmint. The list is long. In particular, chamomile produces both sedative and anti-anxiety effects. On the other hand, lavender produces a sweet smelling scent that facilitates aromatherapy, which further turns the wheels of drowsiness into motion.

Dairy products

Dairy products contain calcium that enhances sleep and muscle relaxation. Warm milk is the most effective sleep-inducing dairy product, as it contains a high level of tryptophan. It a well-known cure for sleeplessness and restlessness. Sprinkling nutmeg on a warm cup of milk adds color to the already good package, as nutmeg raises the internal body temperatures to a level that is suitable for a soothing sleep. It also acts as a tranquilizer.

Tart cherry juice and vanilla juice

Cherries are rich sources of melatonin, the sleep-awake cycle regulator. The vanilla scent sends waves of a sleepy sensation all over the body, leading one into slumber land within a short period of time. 5-9 ounces of fresh tart cherry juice and 2-3 drops of vanilla are appropriate in the amalgamation of the dreams, smooth blood circulation and muscle relaxation that is reminiscent in the various phases of sleep.

Coconut water

Coconut water is both an energy-boosting and a sleep-inducing drink. It contains potassium and magnesium for muscle relaxation and several stress-relieving vitamins. Sodium, potassium and sugar contents are also helpful in enhancing sleep. Coconut water also keeps dehydration at bay. However, these effects vary from one coconut brand to the other.


The placebo effect is the most outstanding sleep inducing effect of honey. Insulin control comes second, followed by the serotonin and melatonin action. Honey also reduces coughing in children, allowing them to sleep more comfortably. Milk and nutmeg can also be added to honey to supplement its desirable effects. If taken repetitively, raw honey will aid your relaxing and unwinding mission, making you feel refreshed in the morning. It is also linked to strength increase, basic physiology and general health improvement of an individual. Indeed, honey is not just sweet, it leads to sweet dreams!

In a nutshell, these fluids will make a good night’s sleep a sweet piece of cake. However, it is important to note that consuming too much of any fluid just before bedtime may make one overly alert and awake for several hours. These fluids should also be alcohol and caffeine free for better results.”


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