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Dressing Up Porta Potties for Your Outdoor Wedding

An important part of wedding planning that can easily be overlooked is having adequate restroom areas for your guests. For any wedding, having enough bathrooms for your guests will ensure your big day is a success – this becomes even more important if food and alcohol will be served during the event. 

Finding a porta potty that works best for your wedding venue may feel daunting, but this guide will help you choose the best portable restroom and ease your mind so you can enjoy your big day.

It’s in the Details

Before you rent a porta john, you need to consider a few details about your wedding. Important details to gather include the size of your wedding, whether you are serving food and drinks, and what your budget is. 

Every wedding’s needs are different. One of the biggest influences you should consider when renting a restroom trailer is the number of guests that will be attending your wedding. For weddings both large and small, portable restroom facilities provide comfort for you and your guests.

Creating Your Vision

One of the biggest concerns about rented restroom facilities is the appearance of the porta potties or rental trailers. Although it may seem impossible, decorating porta potty rentals or keeping them out of sight and out of mind is not as hard it may seem. They can be made up to blend in with your venue with careful placement and minimal décor. 

Your budget will help you determine the type of bathroom rental you can get for your wedding. If a luxury restroom trailer doesn’t fit into your budget, regular porta potties are easy to decorate and can be made to fit your vision. 

You can add tents and curtains, use lights, photos, flowers and plants to make the area more inviting. Creating a “room” around your porta potty can make it seem more inviting and play into the theme of your wedding. You can also disguise the porta potties behind clever decorations to keep them out of sight.

 Finding the Best Rental Bathroom for Your Wedding

Every porta potty should come with a cleanliness guarantee. Restroom trailers or porta potty rentals will give you and your guests a clean, functional space to do their business. Depending on the number of guests in attendance, and other factors such as an open bar or catering, will help you determine the exact number of toilets you need. 

By renting restrooms for your wedding, you can enjoy the features and functionality of luxurious restroom trailers. Remember, porta potties do not have to be unsightly; all of them can be customised and decorated for your big day.  

It’s crucial to keep in mind the elements of your wedding when looking through the options for rental restrooms and deciding which one is best. The most important factors to keep in mind include your budget, the space available in your wedding venue, if you are serving alcoholic beverages and food, and the number of guests in attendance. 

There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding – porta potty rentals are a big part of planning an event that can easily be overlooked. Make sure you book your porta potties early so you aren’t faced with some of the less appealing aspects of having a lot of people in one place.

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