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DreamHost Web Hosting Review – Reddit

Advantages Of DreamHost Web Hosting Review

1. Month-to-Month Hosting (Cancel anytime)

The majority of the 40+ websites that we’ve examined will provide you with 30 days to cancel your subscription. This gives you a whole month to try their offerings before putting at risk the amount you paid.

Some hosts, such as HostGator offer 45 days.

There’s also DreamHost.

The money-back assurance is valid from 97 to 99 days. This is a total of three-month period to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

DreamHost isn’t ad-hoc with terms or obstacles to jump through that could affect the refund you receive, neither. In addition, you are able to pay month-to-month and cancel at any time. This is a rare feature in the world of web hosting.

2. A Good Base Plan with Features

DreamHost’s Shared Starter package is priced at $2.59/month. However, it comes with tons of features straight out of the box.

The site comes with a an unpaid domain name along with an SSL certificate with it. The site is able to handle an unlimited amount of data (or speed) as well as storage.

DreamHost has their own website builder, called Remixer However, they also have the use of SquareSpace, Weebly, and Wix in their application library.

There’s also the possibility to locate Zen Cart, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, and Tumblr there waiting to be discovered as well.

WordPress is also pre-installed. It’s quite simple to set up on the majority of servers, using the single-click install option. The speed at which it’s ready once you sign-up is great for new webmasters.

The last piece of positive news about the programs is the fact that they no longer have any delay in verification system.

When we first reviewed DreamHost it required an initial verification by hand, which might delay you from being eligible to use their service for a short period of time after the initial sign-up.

We were happy to hear that their customer support representative informed us that they will only require additional verification steps in the event of an issue with your payment.

It is likely that you will be in a position to get going right now, when you sign up.

3. Limitless Disk Space as well as Network Transfer Limits

DreamHost provides a wide range of “unlimited” features on their pricing and plans. These include bandwidth and disk space.

This means that you don’t need to fret about storage space on your disk or transfer of data when your site is gaining popularity.

There are some limitations regarding the policy that aren’t significant, but the policy is generally legitimate.

The first and most important thing is that your site must be constructed correctly. If your site is consuming server resources and creating issues with other websites it could be a reason for them to transfer you to their servers instead.

DreamPress, VPS servers, and email are not covered into this policy.

Email is limited to 2 GB limit, while MySQL databases are also required to be kept within “a few GB in size.”

In terms of design DreamHost’s shared server is ideal for sites with small sizes.

4. Get Dedicated Web Hosting

If you are looking for the most powerful website hosting capabilities then you should consider an dedicated server. When you do this, your site will be on a server entirely by itself, thereby utilizing all of the resources available to the system. It is recommended to consider dedicated hosting if you’re hoping for your website to receive an enormous volume of traffic, or in the event that your website is critical that it must not stop or slow down.

DreamHost offers a variety of dedicated servers choices. The options begin by offering Standard 4 plan ($169 per month or $149 for an annual commitment). Standard 4 plan ($169 per month or $149 for the annual contract) which includes fourGB of memory and 1TB storage. The plans are topped off with the $379 monthly enhanced SSD 64 plan which boasts the capacity of 64GB RAM as well as 240GB solid-state storage. Every DreamHost special server package comes with unlimited data transfer.

However, DreamHost lacks Windows-based dedicated servers. It’s Linux or bust as well. If you’re looking to create an online site using Microsoft’s operating system as the base, we suggest taking a look at AccuWeb PCMag’s Editors’ Pick in dedicated Web Hosting which provides Linux as well as Windows dedicated server alternatives. AccuWeb also offers robust dedicated plans, such as one that costs $1,070 per month with 8TB of storage space, up to 512GB of RAM, as well as up to 50TB monthly data transfer.

Disadvantages Of DreamHost Web Hosting Review

1. Low average speed (1350 ms)

The loading time of your website is among the most crucial factors when selecting a web host. In addition to the fact that page speed can impact bounce rates of visitors but slow loading times can negatively impact your overall SEO (not to not to Google rankings). However, this can lead to loss of profit.

It is obvious that the quicker your website loads, the more efficient.

Unfortunately DreamHost’s average load time in the last 12 months hasn’t been very good. They’re within the lower half of hosts we’ve test.

It’s a shame, as just a few years ago, DreamHost still managed to offer speeds that were above average, however, recently their performance has gotten slowly worse.

Good, but not enough Live Chat Support

DreamHost offers a mandatory knowledge base as well as discussion forums that help customers resolve their own problems.

They also claim that they provide “24/7 in-house support.” But, our tests showed the reverse.

In the lower right-hand side of their screen, you will see an icon for messaging. If you click on it, instead of receiving an open-ended box, you must choose between a variety of pre-defined responses.

In the same way, they’re trying to automatize the live chat experience by using something that resembles the phone tree (called chatbot).

We attempted to bypass these options in order to contact a sales representative the earliest opportunity. At the time we attempted, there was no sales rep available.

dreamhost live chatWe discovered the live chat feature is not available, and only from 3.00 AM-9.30 pm PT each day.

We were required to return after hours to try the process over and over again. It took only a few minutes for a sales representative to join the team the team, and both were competent and friendly.

But, it’s unfortunate that you need to go through hurdles (show up at certain times) in order to access anyone at all.

2. The absence of apps and auto-installs

There are hundreds, if not thousands of software applications that you can install on your server. The most well-known example is WordPress it’s an “content management system” to build, manage, and manage a website. There are other programs, ranging in the range of Joomla up to PrestaShop to Wiki apps and many more.

All of them can be installed manually however, several web hosting firms such as InMotion offer installer scripts for free (the most popular include Softaculous as well as Fantastico). These installer scripts install your software in only a few clicks, so you can immediately get to building what you’re trying to create.

Aside I explain how to use HostGator in my WordPress website setup article here..

DreamHost doesn’t have the features that. They offer a customized application that can connect to several applications and they’ll get them up and running. However, they don’t install the applications for you.

For WordPress the situation is not a big issue. The installation process is just some additional steps. However, for other programs you’ll have to manually install them.

3. No Support via Phone

They are accessible 24/7 on many channels ….except phone. According to my research, it appears they make calls after you visit another channel.

DreamHost Pricing

Support24-hourChat and ticket (email) *24-hourChat and ticket (email) *
Storage50 GBUnlimited
Max. files (inodes)UnlimitedUnlimited
SSL certificateIncludedIncluded
Email accounts$1.67 a month for 25 GBIncluded
Daily backups5 days database14 days website5 days database14 days website
Monthly pricing$7.97 a month$13.99 a month
Annual price$6.99 a month$12.99 a month
3-year deals$5.59 a month$10.99 a month

Alternatives Of Dreamhost

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