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Download Sufna Full Movie in HD – Okjatt, Pagalworld

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Sufna Official Trailer

Short Story of Sufna Movie

Sufna is an Punjabi romantic movie in Punjabi that stars Ammy Virk and Tania as the main characters. The film was released to good reviews on February 14th as an Valentine’s Day gift, earlier in the year. Teg (Tania) has an half-Muslim girl who is motherless. Her father isn’t in her life as he is an army soldier. As a young child she longs for motherly affection and is waiting for her father’s be back from the battle. Her upbringing is filled with a great deal of respect and love even though she is poor. When Teg is picking cotton in the fields she comes across JEet (Ammy Virk) who is just wasting time with her friends. Jeet immediately becomes enamored of her and how he reclaims his love the love of Teg is the main plot of the film. While the plot is rather regular however, the director Jagdeep Sidhu has created something new to the way love is experienced and perceived by the protagonist Teg. He presents it with a meticulously slow pace which can bore you at moments. Jagjeet Sandhu, Jasmin Bajwa, Seema Kaushal etc. provide crucial supporting roles of the romantic story. B Praak provides the music while Vineeet Malhotra is the one who has created amazing photography. Navneet Virk along with Gurpreet Singh made the film for Panj Paani Films.

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Screenshots of Sufna

Sufna Movie Cast


The film at first glance may appear to be a standard love story , but it’s not. When the movie progresses you’ll notice that there’s something unique in it. Sure, it’s an intimate love story but you can see the love and respect that they show each other. The sacrifice they’re willing to make for one another is amazing.

The on-screen chemistry of Ammy and Tania is amazing. Director Jeremy Scott has performed an outstanding job, and the music is an absolute hit thanks to every song. The film is enjoyable to check out as it is unique to it. It is a must-see film with something new to offer that

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