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Dos and Don’ts for Thoughtful Gifting

When it is someone’s birthday, their anniversary, or if they are having a baby, getting the gift that you give them right is important.

For many people, it can be a source of anxiety, but with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up fast, it is well worth looking into some dos and don’ts of gift giving. Read on for some top tips to help you get and give the perfect gift with ease.

Consider Their Interest – Simply Ask

Firstly, don’t buy a gift that won’t be appreciated. It is worse than giving no gift at all in some cases.

If you are doing research into buying a gift for your partner, your parents, or a friend, do some research into what they like or simply ask them(if are able to ask). The best part is that many gifts can now be bought online for less money than in-store, so if you are looking for a homemade gift for a Wiccan, go onto Etsy. If you are looking to buy an expensive perfume, go to

Do Give the Gift at the Right Time 

Nothing sours an experience more than getting a birthday/Christmas/anniversary gift days or even weeks late. Make sure that when you are giving a gift, the receiver gets it in good time so as not to dull your relationship with them. If you aren’t available to see them on their birthday or other occasion, make sure to meet up with them beforehand, so they will have the present when the day comes.

Do Spend the Right Amount

Many people have had odd experiences where they have received a gift that was worth more than they anticipated would be spent on them. This can create a sense of guilt and a need to add presents to the ones you are already giving.

It can be tricky to know how much to spend, so think of how much the person you are giving the gift to has to spend on you. This can make the process of selecting a gift easier. Or, as before, ask them what they want and go from there. 

Don’t Regift

OK, so it may be the case that you have received something that you simply know would be perfect for another friend. Even though it can seem like regifting is the right thing to do, don’t do it! You run the risk of the person who gave you the gift and the person who receives the gift finding out and causing all kinds of issues. 

Don’t Have a Negative Attitude When Giving the Gift

Saying to someone in a deadpan/tired tone, ‘Your gift is over there. You can open it if you want,’ or something similar is just awful. Even if you have gotten someone the perfect gift, if you give it to them with a bad attitude, it can ruin the entire day and experience for them. 

If you feel unsure about the gift choice you have made, simply say so rather than present with a poor mindset when handing the gift over. This will allow them to see that you care enough to admit that the gift may not be the best gift for them and set up an easier dialogue if they agree with you. Overall, try to keep it light and fun, especially if you are gift-giving to a child.

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