Monday, December 11, 2023

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DIY Facial Mists

As women, we put our skin through a lot. This can result in dullness, dryness, blotchy patches and wrinkles. To give your skin that pick-me-up it needs, facial mists will help restore the moisture, tone, and brightness of your skin. There are lots of different facial mists out there, but they can be pretty pricy! Instead, here are some DIY facial mists that you can try at home.

1.) Green Tea Mist

Green tea is great for a detox, on the inside and out. It is loaded with antioxidants that help at the cellular level. Combine green tea, water, and cucumbers for a cool and refreshing mist. The cucumber helps with cooling and hydrating, which will keep your skin soft.

2.) Orange Blossom Mist

This mist smells great, and keeps your feeling refreshed. It’s perfect for oily or blemish-prone skin as it gives hydration while purifying your complexion. Combine organge, water, peppermint oil, and lemon juice. It will help soothe redness and irritation.

3.) Rosewater Mist

This aromatic mixture helps set your makeup and gives powerful health benefits to your skin. Combine rosewater, lemon, witch hazel and water to help with acne and redness with it’s anti-inflammatory properties. This is also a great cleanser, to remove oil and dirt in your clogged pores.

4.) Cucumber Aloe Mist

Aloe vera is one of the best natural remedies for skin that’s why it is highly recommended for sunburns. It is great for sensitive, dry and damaged skin. Mix aloe vera, lemon, rosewater and cucumber for a soothing facial mist that leaves your skin looking and feeling softer. Rosewater helps reduce swelling of the skin as well.


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