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Diva Feature: Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono teach us your diva ways.

Birthdays are not low-key affairs for Yoko Ono. When the opinions activist, artist, singer turner 79 she asked her son, Sean Lennon, to book her reformed Plastic Ono Band- the rock group she founded with her late husband, John Lennon, in 1969- to play at New York’s indie music mecca Le Poisson Rouge, so she could rock the place down.

“I stopped believing in time a long time ago. It’s such a manmade concept, the New Yorker says. So is acting your age. John came from an era when rockers were afraid of getting old. Life keeps my heart and mind young”

It is not surprising that fashion designers ranging from Marc Jacobs (whose Fall 2007 show paid tribute to Ono) to Proenza Shouler (whose Fall 2012 collection reflected her closet circa 1970) have been tapping into Yoko Ono Tribeca-meets-Tokyo look.

“My taste level gets better by being in a constant state of transformation she says, Movement- I highly recommend it”

In the past year, Yoko Ono ventured back into the studio to record a song for an upcoming Occupy Wall Street benefit album and launched art exhibits in New Delhi and Tokyo (in June she opens another show in London).

“Whether itâ’s fashion, music, or art, events make the best teachers.”

Yoko Ono is an inspiration on how to stand for what you believe in no matter what the circumstances and what your surroundings are. She has stayed true to herself and has never cared. This is what has propelled her as one of the world’s most influential trendsetters out there. Amongst her fans, are us. We think she is just fabulous and is an inspiration of how to be a true diva- not caring what other people think.”

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