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Design Benefits of Using Panels On Walls and Other Surfaces

Redecorating your home and other spaces provides endless opportunities. Regardless of your design options, you should begin by modifying the floor and walls. Updating walls adds a new dimension and look to your rooms. It also creates a perfect backdrop that dictates other furnishings and room finishes. If you have a limited budget for your redecoration project, you should avoid heavy wood panels and expensive slate.

Wall panels provide an affordable yet decorative finish for interior spaces, offices, and other surfaces. They are also sturdy wall coverings. However, you should use quality wainscoting materials from Doors Plus. Below are the design benefits of using wall panels.

1. Easy to Install

Installation is a major challenge and among the top reasons, homeowners postpone their home improvement projects. Home renovations often appear tedious and time-consuming. The expenses involved are also a pain point, especially if you are hiring professionals. Fortunately, you can avoid a lot by choosing wall paneling. Installing wall panels is an easy undertaking that most DIY enthusiasts can complete themselves. With tongue and groove designs, installing wall panels is as easy as assembling kids’ toys. The difficult part is picking the right dimensions and tools and sparing some free time.

2. Flexible Design Choices

You can pick from endless wall panel options for your remodeling project. Wall panels for residential and commercial buildings have changed over time according to industry trends and homeowner preferences. For instance, artisans carved unique patterns into the then-popular oak paneling during the early period. The resultant panels were exclusive to the homes of wealthy people.

Recently, wall panels were capped off at chair levels. While these panels appeared less ornate, they were still primarily reserved for the wealthy. Modern panels are budget-friendly, and homeowners of all incomes can install them in their homes. This has brought about significant variations and inspirations. For instance, more homeowners are drifting to the use of reclaimed wood to achieve a rustic feel in their modern homes. There are no limits to wainscoting options, as you can design 3D wall panels.

3. It Can Be Used to Camouflage Unattractive Features

You can use wall panels to cover visible dents and other unsightly features in your living room, kitchen wall, and other surfaces. Wall paneling exceptionally covers these flaws while adding a decorative element. However, this doesn’t mean you should use wall paneling to cover structural damage. You should only use them to cover minor defects and unattractive features that affect the walls’ aesthetics, best for home decor.

4. Helps With Soundproofing and Insulation

Wall paneling also helps soundproof and insulate your home. An additional layer to your walls contains warm air inside your home during winter and cold air during summer. Wall paneling also buffers sounds from outside or between different rooms, allowing homeowners to enjoy a quiet environment.


Wall paneling was initially associated with the right or upper class. While this concept still holds some truth, wall panels have become affordable. However, using them improves your style and makes your home appear cozy without spending a lot. They also protect walls and are low maintenance.

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