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Creative Drinking Games For Couples

Looking to add some excitement and fun to your next night in with your significant other? Fun couple drinking games are a great way to mix things up while bonding over your favorite drinks. There are tons of creative and unique drinking games that are perfect for getting to know your partner better or just being silly together. These games can turn an ordinary date night into a memorable night of laughter, enjoyment, and connection.

Never Have I Ever

One fun and simple game for couples is “Never Have I Ever.” To play, you’ll each take turns stating something you’ve never done before. If your partner has done the activity you mention, they have to take a drink. This is a great way to learn more about each other’s experiences. For example, “Never have I ever been skiing.” Or, “Never have I ever left the country.” You can tailor the questions to be as wild or tame as you want. Just use your imagination! To keep the game interesting, make sure not to reuse the same statements over and over. 

10 Fingers, 10 Lies

A variation of this game is “10 Fingers, 10 Lies.” For this, each person holds up 10 fingers and takes turns making statements about themselves that may or may not be true. If the person guesses correctly whether it’s a truth or lie, the storyteller puts a finger down. First to 10 fingers down loses and has to take a drink. 

Drunk Obstacle Course

For couples who want to get moving, try “Drunk Obstacle Course.” Set up a simple obstacle course in your living room using items like pillows, blankets, chairs, etc. Add challenges like crawling under a blanket, spinning around a baseball bat 10 times, jumping over pillows – anything fun and physical. Each person has to complete the course – the catch is, you have to take a shot before each obstacle! This hilarious game gets your blood pumping while also flowing the drinks. Make it more challenging by having your partner design the obstacle course. The sillier, the better!

Drunk Jenga

“Drunk Jenga” puts a fun twist on the classic block game. Write different drinking prompts, questions, or dares on each Jenga block before you begin. When you pull a piece, you must do what’s written! Dares can be silly things like “talk in an accent for the next 3 rounds” or more sexy dares you’ve always wanted to try. Questions can range from flirty (“what do you find sexiest about me?”) to serious (“what’s your biggest fear?”). This exciting game will have you bonding while doing hilarious dares and forging deeper connections. 

Drunk Drawing

Get creative and artistic with “Drunk Drawing.” Take turns sketching objects, scenes, or even your partner while sipping your drinks. The more you drink, the harder it gets! You can use simple pen and paper or get really creative with finger paints or other messy art materials. Afterward, compare your masterpieces and vote on the best drawing. Don’t be surprised if they turn out more abstract after a few rounds. For a variation, try “Drunk Painting” where you paint a simple picture while drinking. Even stick figures can become modern art with some alcohol!

Song Lyric Challenge

For music lovers, “Song Lyric Challenge” has you and your partner taking turns singing song lyrics while the other guesses the song title. The person who guesses can choose the next lyric. See who can stump the other with more obscure songs. Losers drink! To make it harder, banter back and forth singing lyrics instead of just taking turns. You can also act out lyrics instead of singing them for a silly twist.

“Never Have I Ever” and other classic drinking games like “Two Truths and a Lie” or “Flip Cup” are also perfect for spicing up your couple’s night while learning more about each other in a relaxed setting. For Two Truths, take turns making 3 statements where two are true facts about yourself and one is totally made up. Your partner has to guess which one is the lie. Flip Cup involves facing off while quickly drinking cups of beer and flipping them upside down, so things can get messy! 

Some other creative drinking games for couples include:

  •  Drunk scrabble – take shots for bonus words or points.
  •  Beer pong or mini beer pong – play 1v1 with your lover.
  •  Drunk ring toss – drink when you miss the mark.
  •  Tipsy twister – adds falling and limbs to the mix.
  •  Drunk karaoke – pick a favorite duet.
  •  “Most Likely To…” – take turns guessing who’s most likely to do silly things.
  •  Drunk quiz – take a fun online couples quiz while buzzed.
  •  Card drinking games – Kings Cup, Ride the Bus, Circle of Death.
  •  Video game drinking games – drink when you crash or get shot playing Mario Kart.

Whatever you choose, remember to pace yourselves, stay hydrated with water between drinks, and stop the games before anyone gets sick. Moderation is key to having fun. Most importantly, let loose and enjoy the laughing, bonding, and intimacy these games can ignite! Incorporating fun couple drinking games into your date nights is a great way to strengthen your relationship while making lasting memories together. With a little creativity and a sense of humor, the opportunities are endless!

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