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Career and Family: The Secret to Sanity

There is a quote somewhere that says no one is ever too busy it is only a matter of priorities or opinions .In this life of running from work, school, and home, we may find it tremendously difficult to find time for the ones we love and care about especially our families. It seems that this is the conundrum of our modern day society where people are said to value their work more than their families. But is this really true? What do we value more?

As much as we’d like to believe it is not true“it is, and in many cases. But perhaps we do not do this intentionally. Perhaps we get caught up trying to get ahead in work not for our own personal gain, but to help our families with the little comfort money can buy. It is only right that we strive to provide the best for our families, but when we get overly caught up, the situation can take more of an emotional toll to everyone in the family. We have to realize, and perhaps we already acknowledge, that time with our family is more important than most things.

For working mothers, this is probably a difficult balance to strike. And we may find ourselves asking what do we need to do to keep out sanity in the midst of all the mayhem. Truth is, there is no set formula that can be applied in every situation to yield good results. But what is known is happiness and sanity can be found in the little things. As cheesy as this may sound, there is much truth in it. As the quote suggests, it is a matter of priorities. Family first, career second. If this is the model you are following, good for you! You are one step closer to keeping your sanity. Prioritizing your family first does not mean sacrificing work, no.

It only means that they receive the most attention and care from you. This is where small moment come in. You don’t have to take vacations every single weekend or events of grandeur to make it seen that you care for your loved ones. In this case, quality of time spent together is greater than the quantity. Take time to so small things the baking, the laundry, camping in the backyard, arts and crafts, small talk at dinner table, and other creative ways to spend time with your children. The small moments are what will be valued. And if ever there is time, you can do something big too a trip to Disney World, road trips, camping trips, and so forth. If family is a priority, finding time to do these small projects can not be a problem.

This is a good place to start in finding the balance. And another important component to this equation is you and your health. In order for you to be able to do all those activities, you must find your own strength. Visit the gym, take a yoga class, take walks or bike rides with your family“any physical activity that keeps you fit will do. Not only will this help you keep your sanity, but also keep your weight in check“something difficult to do when always busy.

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