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Can Medical Marijuana Treat Bipolar Disorder In Children?

Many children have bipolar disorder around the world. We all want a suitable cure. Have you ever heard about the use of marijuana for bipolar disorder? Have you ever imagined children consuming marijuana? It all sounds strange. Right! But some research describes marijuana as the treatment of diseases. One such disease is bipolar disorder in children. In this article, we will discuss this topic in the attribute. As when it comes to, nobody wants to take any risk. In this article, we’re going to tell you about what is Medical Marijuana and how it is beneficial in treating bipolar disorder.

We also deal with the pros and cons of using medical marijuana for treating bipolar disorder in children. Also, this article will tell you about the role of THC pills. So let’s start our question. What is medical marijuana? Marijuana suggested by the doctor for treating any disease or disorder is known as medical marijuana. Specialists say it catalyzes the working of body chemicals. 

What is bipolar disorder? 

Bipolar disorder is associated with brain functioning. It’s a mental condition where a person experiences extreme mood swings. It includes low and depressive moods to high and manic episodes. The mood change is extravagant and unpredictable. This disorder is highly problematic, especially for children. Some children facing this disorder often face problems like hallucinations and delusions. 

With such extreme mood swings, a child finds it difficult to perform daily functions. It affects the overall growth of the child. Unfortunately, there is still no cure for this disorder. But, medical treatments and therapy can improve this condition. To find an effective remedy, many researchers keep working on other alternatives. One of the alternatives is medical marijuana. But the question arises, Is it okay to use it on children? What are its pros and cons? We will discuss all these topics further.

How to identify bipolar disorder in children and teen

The identification of bipolar disorder in children and teens is difficult for anyone. As symptoms are hard to recognize in teens and children. It’s not easy to tell if the mood swings are due to hormonal changes, results of trauma or stress, or any other medical condition. 

Children also experience depressive and manic episodes. But their mood swings are much different from what we observe in adults. Their mood changes much faster than in adults. The only way to identify bipolar disorder in your child is to deeply scan the changes in their attitude and behavior. Observe if your child’s mood swings are intense. Is it different from their usual mood swings or not?

Causes of this disorder

There is no exact cause discovered behind this disorder. But these factors are primarily behind this disorder. 

  • Biological differences: Researchers observe physical changes in the brain of people suffering from this disorder. 
  • Genetics – The bipolar condition is more likely to happen in children whose first-degree relatives suffer from it. Researchers are trying to identify the gene due to which bipolar disorder occurs.

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Pros of using medical marijuana in bipolar disorder

There was much research held from time to time to observe its pros and cons. Much research proves that marijuana is beneficial. At the same time, where specific research tells about the unhealthy effects of marijuana. As we all know, marijuana is an anxiety-relieving property that may be helpful for people having bipolar disorder. 

  •  A study in 2016 states that people who Consume marijuana don’t face any significant mental impairment compared to the people not consuming it. In another study, we found that marijuana lifts people’s moods and makes them feel good. 
  • Another significant study happened in 2015. According to this, when people suffering from this disorder consume marijuana, it enhances their mood. Also, it helps promote a positive outlook. 

While using marijuana, you have to keep in mind that marijuana acts differently on different bodies. Research does not assure that marijuana works in a certain way on every person.

Cons of Using marijuana in bipolar condition

Some studies are against the use of medical marijuana in bipolar disorder. There were some conditions where the use of marijuana aggravated the patient’s condition. According to another survey of 2015, people using marijuana in bipolar conditions attempt suicide more than people not using it. Hence, the effects of marijuana are positive for one but harmful for another. It can be both beneficial and problematic depending on body type. Therefore it is highly recommended to take serious advice from a doctor before using it.

THC pills

There were numerous ways of consuming marijuana. But pills are the easiest way of consumption for children. It helps you to maintain your dosage without any fuss. The THC pills are like regular capsules containing active compounds of marijuana like THC. Pills are available in the market according to consumer use. 

  • THC oil capsules – The capsules contain liquid or oil inside them. The liquid is golden in color. They have 5 to 25 mg of THC as per your use. 
  • Decarboxylated flower capsule – This capsule contains decarboxylated flowers. Decarboxylation helps in transforming THCA into THC. 
  • Crystalline THC capsule – A powdery substance present inside these capsules. It is a white powder that appears like table salt. It only contains THC leaving all other active compounds and plant Terpenes in the manufacturing process.

Final word

We cannot say that using marijuana is entirely beneficial for all. Much research is already there on this topic, and much is going on. But there is no correct evidence to decide it’s working in children to ensure emotional wellbeing.

Some people reported positive effects. With the use of marijuana, they have observed better moods. But at the same time, there are some people on whom we have seen unfavorable effects. The use of medical marijuana is beneficial only under medical Surveillance. We observed that it accelerates suicidal thoughts in some people. With your doctor’s advice, you can make it worthwhile for your child.

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