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Boost your Children’s Clothing Store Sale in 4 Simple Steps

For customers and business owners alike, there’s one particular season that brings with it equal amounts of stress and excitement. Yes, you got it, sale season! 

From the thrill of finding the best deals to the anxiety of missing out on coveted pieces, customers often wait months on end with their calendars marked for their favorite sales of the season, and on the other hand is months of preparation from the business to make sure that the much-awaited sale season goes smoothly – all while bringing upwards traction for the company! 

It’s no secret that children go through clothes like days of the week – seriously, you’ll be scratching your head wondering when they outgrew that last pair of jeans – and so sales at children’s clothing stores are always a hot topic! But with rising competition in the industry, promoting your sale is of the essence.

Here’s how you can promote a sale at your children’s clothing store in 4 easy steps:

  1. Design and Distribute Posters 

Posters are marketing gold – loved and adored by people of all ages, the right retail sale poster is all you need to make your children’s clothing store sale a massive success! 

Not only will a poster help catch your customer’s attention, but it’s also a great tool for customers to keep information for later – helping them come back to your sale again and again. And if you’re worried about nailing the design, then PosterMyWall’s collection of eye-catching and highly customizable retail sale posters is just what you need to save the day! 

Simply select a template you like, customize it according to your requirements – the platform is perfect for beginners – and either print copies or use digital versions to post online. Ideally, you should post them on your social media pages as well as put up physical copies in and near your store to grab maximum customer attention! 

  1. Start a Referral Program 

When marketing a children’s clothing store sale, it’s important to evaluate who the real target customer here is – at least when it comes to marketing! While it’s the children who are going to be using your products, it’s the parents that are the real buyers, and if there’s anyone that parents trust, it’s other parents! 

A simple yet effective way to make use of this bond of trust in the parent community is to start a referral program. Allow existing buyers to distribute an exclusive code with their social circle, on the use of which a new customer will get an added discount or reward. And in return, the customer issuing the code will get a set payment against each use. 

Not only will the attached monetary benefit keep your referral participants motivated, but they’ll also be marketing your clothing store themselves without any added investment from your side. Truly a marketing win! 

  1. Don’t forget Instagram!

Posting about your children’s clothing store sale on social media is nothing less than a game changer, and focusing on platforms such as Instagram where traction for your target market will be high is the success point.

Simply creating and running an Instagram page for your children’s clothing store isn’t enough though. While putting up posts detailing your sale, the items available, and whether customers can avail of the offers online or in-store is important and certainly helpful, there’s more to becoming an Instagram hit!

Take Nike, for example. An absolute frontrunner in the clothing market, Nike employs a handful of Instagram marketing strategies to amass the following that it has and to drive sales right from its page. This includes being consistent both in the frequency of your posting and in the quality and presentation. It’s important to establish a brand image for your clothing store, and for that, adhering to pre-decided brand design guidelines is of the essence. 

Of course, Nike puts out a mix of content – not only do they showcase their products but they also show them being used by real people – a strategy that is a must-copy by your clothing store! 

  1. Emails are a Life – and Sale – saver

Of course, there’s little else that holds the power of an email – whether it’s for marketing purposes or simply informational, emails are among the most powerful tools of communication that we use today. And including email campaigns in your sale promotions is just what you need to take your store to the next level!

You can create and send out email campaigns to promote your sale, making sure to include captivating visuals in the body and to accompany it with subject lines that catch your recipients by the hook! And to make sure that your emails hit the spot, you can always take guidance from PosterMyWall’s range of email campaign templates that help create attractive and engaging emails for the perfect response! And the best part? It’s all for free! 

And if you’re worried about your email open rates and ROI, then all you need to do is 

apply effective strategies. For instance, you should aim to personalize your email – instead of starting ‘Hi dear customer!’, you can start with ‘Hi Amy!’ or whatever the name of your customer is – a feat that can easily be achieved by mailing platforms such as WebEngage and SendGrid.

One of the greatest email strategies, however, lies in segmentation, and it’s a bandwagon that you need to jump on! Chances are, your target customers all have different needs, preferences, and shopping habits, and targeting them with the right content to match these differences is where the magic of email marketing lies! Got a customer with an abandoned shopping cart? Send them a reminder email about their items possibly going out of stock soon. Another customer who is a loyal buyer of a certain product type? Email about new varieties in the category. Once you know your customers and act on the information, the results will follow!  

So, if you’re looking to promote your children’s clothing store sale, then these tips and tricks are all you need to succeed. Soon, you’ll have a sale season unlike any other with customers walking in one after the other!

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