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Blindness in Dogs – Signs and Symptoms of Vision

In this article we will discuss in detail about the Poor Eyesight in Ageing Pets – How to Tackle Them and Provide Them the Needed Care?

In the life of pets, the age of eight is the beginning of their senior years. It is because they are nearing the end of their human age equivalent but also because as pets get older. They tend to develop certain diseases and problems common in elderly humans too. One problem most cats and dogs face as they grow older is poor eyesight.

While poor eyesight is not a disease, it can lead to conditions like glaucoma or cataracts in your pet requiring immediate attention. Therefore, a pet owner needs to identify this issue beforehand. This way, you will be able to give your furry friend all the care during this stage without any delay.

Symptoms of Poor Eyesight

These can vary from one pet to another. However, the broad pointers observed among pets as per PetCareRx are:

  • If your pet is bumping into things or knocking over furniture, it can mean declining eyesight.
  • If your pet has trouble seeing objects close to them and raising their nose to see better, it can mean poor eyesight.
  • If your pet is having difficulty finding food or toys in their usual place, they may be suffering from bad eyesight.
  • If the color of your pets’ irises changes dramatically (e.g., from brown to blue), they may have a cataract.
  • If you notice any cloudiness or whitening of the pupil when you shine a light in their eye, it can mean that they’re suffering from glaucoma.

Pet’s Response to Light

One of the most common signs of poor eyesight in your pet is a change in their response to light. If you notice your pet suddenly scared of light or objects that move fast, especially in the dark, it could be a sign of poor eyesight.

You may also notice a change in their behavior as they adjust to their vision loss. Don’t panic if they seem more confused or anxious than normal! Just take extra precautions to reduce the chance of them upsetting themselves by bumping into things. Make sure there’s nothing around to harm or hurt them and stick with your routine. This way, the pets will not get disoriented by anything out of the ordinary in such an approach.

Physical Changes in Eyes

An ophthalmologist can check for signs of glaucoma due to aging and examine the retina to determine if there is any damage. Sometimes owners are surprised to learn that their pets’ eyes were not at fault as they thought but were due to medical problems such as diabetes mellitus or high blood pressure.

Avoid Aggressive Movements

It is common for senior pets to have a compromised vision. Ensure not to give them any unpleasant surprises or startles as they might get injured. Here are some precautions you need to follow:

  • Avoid making aggressive movements in front of your pet as they might get injured.
  • Do not move quickly around your house as your pet might bump into you and injure themselves.
  • Be very cautious when touching your pet as they might not be able to see where you are touching and can interpret it as aggression or attack instead of care and love.
  • Keep an eye on their environment so that they do not bump into anything by accident. If required, guide them with a treat to help them navigate through the area safely.

Keeping Eyes Clean

Cleaning your pet’s eyes is easy to do. Just make sure you have a clean piece of warm wet cloth for each eye. Use a new one if it gets dirty and a different one for each eye to avoid spreading infection between them. 

You can gently wipe the corners of their eyes while being careful not to scratch them with your fingernails. You can check that they are clear of discharge and build-up before giving them any drops or ointment. 

You can also apply an artificial tear solution before wiping to help loosen debris if you need to clean more than once per day. However, you can be sure it’s safe for cats and dogs as some human solutions may sting or cause damage when incorrectly used.

Regular Eye Check-ups

If you find that your pet suffers from poor eyesight, you must take them for regular medical check-ups. Whether they’re a cat or dog, no one wants to see their favorite pet suffering. 

It is important to understand that such check-ups can help doctors detect any abnormalities before they transform into dangerous conditions and lead to permanent blindness.


So, that’s it. We hope this read was informative enough to understand the problem and its possible solutions. If you have any questions or seek more information, reach out to your veterinarian.

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