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Best Work-at-Home Jobs for Mommies

“If you’re one of those mommies who are looking for a way on how they could have an extra source of income, even though they’re housewife and it’s impossible to leave the house, then work-at-home jobs would be ideal. There’s no need to get dressed up or go to an office, just to report and do your job. Here’s a list of the most profitable work-at-home jobs that doesn’t require much skill, but would allow every mother out there to earn easily, and conveniently without the need of sacrificing their schedule.

Virtual Assistant

This field is quite ideal for mommies out there. In fact, even the title description would give you an idea that it covers a wide range of categories, allowing you to choose a category where you’re quite familiar with. Likewise, if you’re capable, you could easily start your very own virtual assistance business, but you could also work from home and represent a company that would allow other clients and employers to hire you. For instance, there are websites that feature these companies and some small-scale businesses rely on virtual representatives to help them out, especially when it’s impossible for them to hire a permanent employee. It’s possible to earn around $15 to $100 per hour with this kind of job.

Web Developer/Designer

In today’s world, this field is where most home-base hiring is being carried out. Web developers offer services, such as website design, code updates, usability and hosting reviews. If you have the skills needed, you could take several positions, that are administrative in nature, in a wide range of industries and earn a considerable amount on an hourly basis.

Call Center Representative

Every time make a call after seeing an infomercial or catalog, the first thing that you’re probably thinking of is an office where it’s filled with row of cubicles. However, have you ever considered that the person answering your call could probably be in a home setting, using her very own personal computer? This is most likely the case, especially now that call centers are slowly becoming a huge growing industry. Companies would rather hire independent contractors now, rather than permanent employees. If you’re interested in taking this kind of job, it’s important to opt for one that pays for minutes, not in an hourly rate. This would allow you to be more productive and take more calls.

Medical Transcriptionist

Truth be told, this could be a tricky and demanding job. Likewise, most companies seek applicants that have experience or training for certain schools, specializing in this field. The work could range from listening to inputting the dictation given by licensed doctors. Also, what makes this job more challenging is that, some doctors have accents and sometimes, they even chew gum, drink, or eat, or there are other background noises while dictating. Thus, it’s important to have good listening skills that would help you perform this job with ease.

Children’s Party Planner

Do you enjoy planning your kids parties every year? Then, party planning could probably full of entertainment perfect work-at-home job for you. Start up costs could usually run up to $45,000, depending on how high end you”

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