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Best Treat Ideas For Your Australian Shepherds

Shepherds are great dogs. While they were originally bred to work the fields and assist Australian Shepherds in herding their flock, they are also loyal, friendly, and smart dogs that are great for modern homes.

That said, it’s important to ensure you’re feeding your Australian Shepherds the right food.

This doesn’t just mean keeping a close eye on their kibble or making natural dog food. One thing that many dog owners overlook is their pet’s treats.

While they are supposed to be tasty and serve as a reward for dogs, it’s still important for pet parents to ensure that the treats they eat are healthy. And if the treats aren’t healthy, it’s best to keep your dog away from them or only feed them a little bit.

And if you aren’t keen on buying commercial and processed dog treats for your pet, you aren’t alone. On top of that, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re looking at a couple of natural treat ideas for Australian Shepherds that can help sustain their energy while also offering a lot of health benefits. If after reading this article you are still not convinced, click here to learn more about the nutritional needs of Aussie Shepherds.

Homemade Biscuits

Homemade Biscuits for Australian Shepherds

One of the most popular treats for Australian Shepherds nowadays is homemade biscuits. Now, this doesn’t mean using the same recipe you have for your own biscuits. If you want to give your dog homemade biscuits, you might want to look for recipes specifically designed for canines.

As much as possible, make sure the treats don’t have too much sugar and don’t contain any ingredients that can be harmful to your pet. While this may take a fair amount of effort, if you find the right recipe, you can give your dog the best-tasting treat while still keeping things healthy and safe.

Cooked Squash

Cooked Squash for Australian Shepherds

Another option for dog owners looking to feed their Australian Shepherds is cooked squash. Cooked squash is packed with vitamins, making it a great pick for canines. On top of that, cooked squash is really soft, so you won’t have to worry about a choking hazard.

When cooking squash for your dog, keep things as simple as possible. You aren’t supposed to add any spices at all and it’s important to cook the squash without altering the flavor or the nutritional value.

This means you won’t be able to feed your dog canned and processed squash, which is actually a good thing.


Apples for Australian Shepherds

Apples are another favorite option for pet owners looking to give their pets a natural treat. Apples have a lot of vitamins, and their sweet flavor makes them very enticing for dogs. On top of that, apples have a lot of fiber which makes them great for a dog’s digestive system.

With that said, make sure to cut the apple into small pieces and remove the core before feeding it to them. Dogs don’t chew their food in the same way as humans, and they may not be able to break down whole apples that well, which could be a major choking hazard you’d want to avoid.


Bananas for Australian Shepherds

Next up are bananas. To start, bananas have a lot of fiber and potassium. The fiber is there to promote a healthy digestive system, while potassium is great for a dog’s nerves, heart, and muscles. Additionally, bananas are a soft fruit, so you won’t have to worry about your dog accidentally choking on the fruit when you feed them bananas.

And since bananas are a year-round fruit, you won’t have trouble finding them as they will usually be available in your local store.

One of the downsides to bananas is that they are very sweet and have a lot of sugar. If you feed your dog too much, they are at higher risk of obesity and other complications. So, like all treats, make sure to feed your dogs bananas in moderation.


Blueberries for Australian Shepherds

Blueberries are a popular superfood for humans. This is because they are full of antioxidants and vitamins. Many fruits have antioxidants and vitamins, but not many of them can pack as many into a small fruit as blueberries do.

Blueberries are great for dogs because they are small. So, you can throw one up in the air and train your dog to catch it, or you can give them blueberries one at a time during training sessions. On top of that, they are also very easy to find and are usually available in grocery stores.


Raising shepherd dogs is not easy. On top of all the training and bonding you have to do with them, you have to make sure you feed them the right food. And if you’ve been struggling to figure out what treats to give your dog, any one of the options on this list would be great.

However, keep in mind that all dogs are different. So, if you want to find the right fit for your pooch, be ready to try out a couple of options before landing on the perfect one.

But once you find the right treat for your dog, everything else will be much easier. With the right treats, you won’t have to go through too much of a hassle when training your pet, and it will also be much easier to ensure they are always in tip-top shape.

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