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Best Outdoor Furniture Covers

Protecting your furniture from moisture, harsh sun, snow, and the wind is easier said than done. Many homeowners find themselves needing to constantly shop for new covers due to old ones tearing. If you’re having trouble finding a patio outdoor furniture cover that provides adequate protection, don’t worry. The companies below can help provide patio covers, reupholstery, and solutions to help your patio furniture and other furniture stay protected.


Bag’in is one of the best covers to help improve your furniture’s lifespan and protect it against inclement weather. The two-bag system is easy to use and helps people protect their furniture, thanks to its high-quality and durable materials. All you have to do is stack your furniture into a single pile, wrap one bag around the furniture, then use the outer layer to protect against sandstorms and heavy rains. This is the perfect cover for areas that receive intense sunshine, since its cover also fights against UV damage.

Whether you’re looking to protect a small amount or larger amount of furniture, you can find the right size with Bag’in. You can go to website to order a small, medium, larger, or extra large size, which can fit just about any amount of furniture on your patio. You can also order their anchor, which attaches without screws into the slates of your deck. You can use it to anchor down your furniture and protect it from heavy gusts of wind.

Garden Man

For those that want a cover for their patio furniture and want to preserve the setup of their patio, it’s best to get a patio furniture cover from Garden Man. Garden Man has a variety of storage boxes and cubes that can easily fit the size of any patio set up.

Garden Man is known for their wide selection of patio furniture, covers, and more. It’s best to know the specific size and model of your furniture pieces, as these coincide with the cover and there are no substitutions available. Go to their website to find out more about what they have to offer, and how you can protect your current Garden Man furniture.

All American Outdoor Living

All American Outdoor Living offers uniquely designed and high-quality patio covers that can fit umbrellas, firepits, modular seats, and more. These covers are perfect for homeowners that have a valuable single piece of furniture, or for homeowners that want to cover their entire set. They also sell covers that can protect up to 18 seats of a table and provide cover from the harsh sunrays, rain, and snow.

While they might be more pricey, these covers are worth the investment for homeowners that are looking for a variety of sizes. The rhinoweave material is also machine washable, water resistant, and breathable, so there’s no chance moisture will accumulate under your patio furniture and lead to mold growth. Visit their website so you can find more information on their covers, selection of furniture, and so much more.

 Buhls Møbelpolstring

For homeowners that want a more stylish solution to cover their furniture, Buhls Møbelpolstring provides the perfect upholstery to protect any piece of furniture. Their upholstery is made to last and can help preserve the life of your chairs, cushions, couches, and more. If you’re in Denmark, Buhls Møbelpolstring provides high-quality upholstery covers, so you never have to worry about renovating your private residence, company, or even your vehicle.

Buhls Møbelpolstring provides upholstery for commercial settings, leather couches and furniture pieces, car upholstery, and motorcycle seats, just to name a few items. Their team of craftsmen will take your recommendations to heart and work with you to create a plan for new, beautiful, and stylish upholstery. Visit their website to learn more about the techniques they use to renovate and upholster furniture, and to find out how they can help protect your outside patio furniture for years to come.

Choose a Patio Cover For Your Home Today

It’s always best to cover your patio furniture and protect it against the elements. Whether you want to protect it against the sun, rain, or slow, the furniture companies above can help you find the right amount of protection for your furniture. Visit their website to find the best cover for your home today.

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