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Best Camping Snacks

“After a long day of hiking, nothing beats a great camping snack and treats foods to refuel your tired and weary body. However, instead of turning to a bag of chips, or other ready-to-eat meals that are very unhealthy, why not give yourself a treat and try some of these great camping snacks? We’ve listed some of the classic homemade treats that everyone would surely love.


A big pot of warm chili could be a perfect campsite dinner. No wonder why; almost anything that you’re going to need are readily available in cans or envelopes. They’re easy to prepare, very versatile, and they taste really great. Likewise, beyond their base ingredients, there are a lot of variations available, and you’ll definitely find something that you’re going to like.

Just brown the meat over a fire, pour off some of the fat, and add your other ingredients, such as canned beans, canned tomatoes, and chopped onions. Depending on your preference, you could also add some jalapenos and a packet of chili powder. Add a can or two of water and let it simmer. Serve immediately.

Friendly Reminder: Even though coolers could keep your food chilled, it doesn’t mean that they offer the same features a refrigerator has. So, if you’re planning to cook your chili with ground beef, venison, or turkey, it’s advisable to prepare it in the campsite as soon as you can. You don’t want to get sick and ruin your camping trip, because of spoiled meat.


It’s a good camping meal that could provide the energy you need and it’s very easy to prepare! All you need are a few ingredients, such as flour, salt, and water.

Here’s an easy recipe for you. Just take three large spoonfuls of flour, add a pinch of salt, and stir. This would give you a creamy batter. Using your skillet, pour some batter and flip once the edges start to curl.


Depending on your preference, you could bring a premade cornbread mix with you on your next camping trip; however, it’s also easy to make one from scratch. All you need is salt, cornmeal, water, a little grease, and a skillet.

Just pour half a cup of cornmeal in a bowl, butter/spoonful of fat (from bacon), water, and a pinch of salt to taste. Coat your skillet with grease and heat over the fire until it begins to smoke. Slowly pour the mixture, but don’t forget to leave a little room on each side, so you could easily flip your bread. Serve immediately.

Baked Potatoes

We’ve given you some snacks made with the help of a skillet and it’s time to use the open fire with the help of a tin foil.

Similar to how you prepare and bake your potatoes at home, poke some holes through the skin and wrap them in tin foil. It’s important to pack it tightly and place your potatoes on a hot bed of coals. Wait for half an hour and you’ll have baked potatoes that are really fluffy.


This isn’t a meal, but more of a snack. Camping is a vacation, so, it’s better to enjoy your night with graham cracker-marshmallow-chocolate sandwich!

It’s a great camping food and none of its ingredients need to be refrigerated. Also, anyone who can hold a stick, could easily make one. Though, if you’re not familiar with how it’s made, we’re here to help. Just take two marshmallows, poke them using a skewer and toast in an open flame. Then, place them on graham crackers with chocolate, and form a sandwich.

Camping could be a magical experience, especially with all the activities you’re going to do and one of them is cooking. Believe it or not, preparing a meal outside could be a rewarding experience, more so if you’ll realize that you were able to feed yourself with your wits and skills. These are just some of the camping snacks that you’ll definitely enjoy making and eating.”

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