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Best Beaches To Visit In Lebanon

There is no doubt that the entire globe is created with beauty and grace; every other geographical location is exemplary artistry of its own. And yes Lebanon is one of them, today we would discuss about top beaches that are a must visit when you are a tourist in Lebanon. Certainly forsooth, while anyone who enlists a text with the title the best place to visit, believe it or not, the text becomes a suggestion and a travel guide to a visitor considering that particular region that is Lebanon in Middle east. When recreating the list, the places should be visited for the date and times. Everyone is well aware of the country Lebanon, for its allure and magnificence, but again, there are beaches there, not precisely you have heard as it was never described as it ought to be. In fact, the text demonstrates the top five best beaches in Lebanon with an eccentric identity that bespoke the straightforward summary of best and top-ranked.

5 best beaches to visit Lebanon

  1. Tyre beach
  2. White Beach, Batroun
  3. Jungle Beach, Amchit, Jbeil District
  4. Chir bay, Jiyeh
  5. Lazy B beach club

Tyre beach in South Governorate of Lebanon

The sightly pulchritudinous and yet an attractive masterpiece of nature’s landmark, the transparent sand beach stands in a prestigious location in the ancient continuously inhabited city of Tyre.

Tyre beach is a beguiling vocational spot for those globetrotters who are on a solitude trip, or whether they are a couple, or it may be a family, all in all, it is a dreamy spot for all kinds of travellers. Tyre beach, with its unparallelled features of cleanliness, beauty and demure, beguile the Lebanonion bypassers and globetrotters from all across the globe.

A beautiful view of the landscape

Exclusively the fascinating thing here about Tyre beach is its ultimate friendly and bonhomous environment that provides its travellers with diverging recreational activities, including inline skating, water polo, cycling, and running. More than that, the place offers dinners where bars are designed with mystique finish and beguiling versatility over puissance. That makes your pictures and clicks way more professional with the priceless background of Tyre beach, fully bloomed lightning, and most importantly, the beauty of the place is evident in every fibre of your picture. Let it be a reminder. Tyre beach depicts the landscape of feline spirit of pure glamour. The landscape here at Tyre beach is a jaw-dropping scene, where people watch the wonders of nature second after second before their eyes, which is aesthetically appealing to the senses and mind.

Tyre Beach Lebanon

Things to do

The smashing water currents, the divergence of winds, and the chirping and succession of rhythmically varying notes of sea creatures beneath and beside the shore make the entire surroundings and access lines of Tyre beach a place free from dissent and noise. Which ultimately makes your soul in contemplation to deep reflection more over the very serenity and tranquillity, doing the practise of meditating more yielding. Moreover, you can practise airborne, acrobatic scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking and outdoor fun of the relative field.

White beach, Batroun

As its name suggests, the white beach bespoke the scenic view of quartz; the white silica in the sand makes the entire ocean pearly white. The chemically inert and strong granules under your feet give the experience of a bonhomous feeling that can not be replaced with any substitute for another spot. The quartz is that transparent as its cleanliness bewitches the globetrotters.

White beach Batroun Lebanon

Why visit the White beach?

Forty-five kilometres from Beirut, on the border of Batroun in North Lebanon, White beach stretches the sea radius all-encompassing of statuesque sea species, mainly taking the only scrupulousness, concoction, and awe-inspiring nicety atmosphere is what drives the globetrotters and international side seekers to get attracted towards the land of Lebanon. The countering of water makes the jewels and beeline of land all confidential in Lebanon. The country stands over on the prime part of the earth, just beside the eastern shore side of the Mediterranean sea. And the ocean is merely four kilometres away from the nightlife of Batroun.

It’s a beach with less crowd

Do you know what makes a travelling destination the most ideal and dreamy? It’s a short crowd as opposed to a jam of people; peace, calamity, and silence are factors where you can hear only the sound of land. These are the same features that make the trip all worth it without any exaggeration. Believe it or not, the White beach sea is one of those oceans from the earth’s gems that provides you with astonishing and beguiling services.


Soaks and dips of the sun directly into the ocean is a landmark picture that seems so heavenly when the viewers ponder the scene. Even though it’s not the rises and offs of the sun that sightseers got to get. But indeed, with incontrovertible corroboration, the ocean has much more heavenly things to show before you.

Low entry fee

You know what, the ocean has only provision and all worth to life belongings that none of any riches in this world can pay to get its right done for a single sight. It’s only through the wonders of nature that the land got the bestows of such jewels. The most important and highly noteworthy thing about this place is that place White beach has a minimalistic entrance fee.

Jungle Beach, Amchit, Jbeil District

Celebration and reception on the beach is probably an idea of hundred dollar expenditure. A meeting under a shimmering day landscape through sunlight while denoting an eccentric beach view is a place where you not only go for a trip. Similarly, the place of Jungle Beach offers you a line of cafes that are situated and well built, all along with every bit of touch of pomp and amenity that showcases the little huts of cafes, restaurants and hotels. Through their well-defined skills and expertise, the waiters, organisers and service makers please the visitors through their services and organised work.

Enjoy foods and drinks on the ocean

Jungle Beach supplements the state’s art that presents its five-star services of sea foods on the oceanic bed. For now, at Jungle Beach, you have got to enjoy the wonders of nature before you all, along with delicious foods and cuisines to cherish. Another important thing to consider is that you have the best value for the money where the food and drinks are available at the lowest cost.

Morsels and landscape

The Jungle Beach ocean has variants of hotels and big little bars with a proper official uniform resource locator. Jungle Beach is a place that complements both nature and food. The visitors use the scenic spot with delicious morsels and an enchanting landscape.

The hotels are set in rows per the seaside, in addition to their highest serviceability standards. On the other side of the ocean are ordered compartments with bars on the left, where the subjects are divided under receptions mainly based on event and occasion.

Chir bay, Jiyeh

Less crowd, cleanliness and serene ambience are the primary aspects of any ideal globetrotting site. Whereas in an attitude of practical conventions, in the lowest number of people you get the better margin to enjoy the site, for the cleanliness its the instinct of a man to get relaxed and for a peaceful environment you get yourself pampered. The place Chir bay is that landmark of the country Lebanon that presents before you the masterpiece of great oceanic painting. The body of water not only has white silica and quartz on the shoreline. But there is the bewildering thing about this ocean and its land beneath it, whose gravel and shingle give you a soft receptive, an experience worth millions of dollars. It is the impressionability you get whilst the water currents pass underneath your feet.

Chir bay lebanon

It is an ocean with shinplasters

The coralline algae, calcareous exoskeleton of mollusc, and the shore line mainly covered with groundcover with dark and light hues of varying colours that all on end make the sightly pulchritudinous foliage. The land here is a little up, and in some places, it is like a little down; indeed, the ups and downs like the zigzag titillation are mainly because of the deposits of quartz settle in varying densities and volumes. As you move your gaze here and there, you locate the unfathomable wonders of nature. The beach has wherewithal assets and sea riches you can ever find.

The atmosphere is pleasant

The pulchritudinous Chir bay stands in a prestigious spot, by a seaside town, in the Chouf district, jiyeh main road, cher. It is the place of a congenial vibe-generating spot that is perfectly an ideal plan and exemplary point you can visit with your friends and families. When I say friends and family, that simply does not direct the notion of the oceanic activities like feet soaking, swimming and dipping in sea waves or just walking on the shoreline. But that standpoint effectively demonstrates that you can host an oceanic picnic, a water party or an affable gathering. Hosting a picnic at Chir bay is the most cherished act of fun which you can do to make this trip unforgettable and yet memorable.

Things to do

Another thing to do at Chir bay is aquatics and enjoying sea sports, where you can play sea polo and perform airborne and acrobatics. Moreover, there are other sea activities you can plan to play at Chir bay. All because the ocean provides you with that favourable and friendly atmosphere.

Lazy B beach club, Jiyeh main street

There’s no doubt Lebanon is a country with indispensable landmarks and scenic spots, following the land has a number of attractive oceans. But again, from all these numbers of varying standpoints, there has to be a singular place which can nominate as a place top that deserves the first rank. On the given account, Lazy B beach club is a top beach in the list of the best serene land spots in Lebanon, located on Jiyeh main street that is eighteen minutes from Beirut.

A tucked-away spot

A vacationer who on his travelling journey to beaches wants his leisure fancies and interests to be completely satisfied and fulfilled. Under the corresponding subject of interest, Lazy B beach club is a beach that utterly means resourceful, adventuring and idyllic travel. That factor in Lazy B beach club means you will experience the amicable guaranteed protocols of bonhomous services. As a matter of justification, Lazy B beach club has eccentrically established lounge areas which give its visitors an upholstery of artistic expression on the grounds of cordial services and excellence of established pageantry, where you can organise cocktails and beach parties on turquoise quartz floor.

Lazy B beach club has lounge areas and swimming pools.

Lazy B beach club reflects a purely peaceful demure, calming ambience and a bonhomous environment with hues of natural auro. According to facts and figures, the Lazy B beach club is a top favourite beach spot of every other Lebanon, where citizens from all across the country especially visit the scenic beach on their short vacations and weekends. Whereas Lazy B beach club is not a mere beach where people can mainly surf, walk, sunbathe, board, build sand castles or dive; indeed, the beach has a varying subject of interesting activities under consideration. Whereas Lazy B beach club has lounge areas and on top of that it has three swimming pools. Which you can book privately to make most of the sparkling turquoise water and, most importantly, the raw nature.

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