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Benefits Of a Proper Bat Grip

We’ve all seen players with their bats taped up and wonder why it is done that way. Not only does it look cool, but there are also several benefits to the proper bat grip tape. This guide will explain exactly what bat grip tape is, how to apply it, and give you some insight into the many benefits of proper bat grip tape. After reading this guide, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t put on your own grip tape sooner!

Improves Control

One of the benefits of proper bat grip tape is that it can help improve your control over the bat. If you have a good grip on the bat, you’ll be able to swing it more effectively and make contact with the ball more consistently. In addition, a good grip can help you generate more power behind your swings. As a result, you’ll be able to hit the ball further and harder. You may also notice an improvement in your batting average as well. Lizard Skins bat grip tape can be found for under $20 per roll. It’s not expensive at all and will last for quite some time, so I recommend giving it a try!

Decreases Chances of Getting Hurt

One of the benefits of proper bat grip tape is that it decreases the chances of getting hurt. When you swing the bat, your grip should be tight enough to hold the bat securely, but not so tight that your hand cramps up. If your grip is too loose, you run the risk of losing control of the bat and injuring yourself or someone else.

The right amount of grip tape can help you get a good grip on the bat without making your hand too tired. The shock of hitting the ball gets absorbed by the tape making it less painful for the palm of your hands. Additionally, if you have sweaty palms and are having trouble holding onto the bat, then gripping tape can help solve this problem as well.

Promotes Safety

While bat grip tape may not seem like a big deal, it actually promotes safety for both the player and those around them. First, it provides a better grip on the bat, which can help prevent accidental drops and batted balls from flying into the stands. Second, it helps to absorb some of the shock from hitting the ball, which can protect the player’s hands and wrists from injury. Third, it can help increase bat speed, which gives the player more time to react to pitches and make contact with the ball. Fourth, it reduces vibration in the hands, which can lead to less numbness and tingling after games or practices.

More Accurate Batted Balls

The best time to put the tape on is before you take batting practice or play an actual game. As with any other equipment, different players have different styles. However, there are benefits that can be attained by using bat grip tape. With increased contact between hand and handle comes better handling of the ball.

Players can also use bat grip tape as a visual guide to make sure they maintain their proper form while swinging. As opposed to dirt or oil residue which could make gripping difficult, taped bats allow for greater consistency in form which leads to more success on the field.

By improving your grip, you can increase bat speed, which leads to more power. Additionally, a good grip can help you maintain control of the bat through the entire swing. If you’re looking to take your game to the next level, be sure to invest in some quality bat grip tape.

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