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How Do You Check For Bed Bugs Living In Your Carpet?

If bed bugs can find a blood meal, they can survive on almost anything, including your carpets. Adult bed bugs can go up to twelve months without food. Hence, they can survive in your carpets until a host comes. These creatures survive on the blood of humans, dogs, and cats as they crawl and play on the carpets. 

There are many signs of bed bugs in your carpets. Bed bugs are small, oval, and brownish creatures that feed on human and animal blood. Their eggs look like sesame seeds and are glued to carpets and other surfaces until they are hatched. You can easily spot them on your carpets by taking a closer look at their carpets. This article provides information on how to check for bed bugs in carpets.

Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your Carpets

Bed bugs are intelligent and reproduce fast, and naturally adapt to their physical environment. They seem to hide in certain places to avoid detection since they can survive without food for many months at a stretch. When you or your pets are sleeping or seated on the carpets, bed bugs will bite you. Their bite will leave an itchy welt at the biting spot.

Here are some of the most common signs of bed bugs in your carpets:

  1. Bug Bites and Bloodstains – As bed bugs bite humans or animals, they will leave bloodstains on the carpet. If you find red-coloured welts or small bumps on your skin – soon after sleeping or sitting on the carpets, you should inspect the carpets for bed bugs. On the other hand, if there are bloodstains on your carpets, they are a clear sign of a bed bug infestation. In fact, it’s easier to spot bloodstains on the carpet compared to physically spotting bed bugs on it. If your carpets are white or brightly coloured, you can easily spot such bloodstains.
  2. Other Insects – Bed bugs have enemies like cockroaches, spiders, and ants. If you spot insect activities on the carpets, there might be bed bugs in them. Unusual insect activity on your carpets means there could be a bed bug infestation.
  3. Shed Skin & Droppings – If you spot bed bug skin and droppings on your carpets, check for bed bugs on them. In fact, bed bugs shed their skin, which is a clear indication of a bed bug infestation.
  4. Unusual Odors – If your carpets emit an unusual musty odour for no apparent reason, you should be cautious of a bed bug infestation in your carpets. Bed bug pheromones are often similar to the smell of almonds, coriander, or raspberries. On the other hand, a severe bed bug infestation can smell like rust or mold. Most of the time, the smell of bed bug pheromones is quite faint and imperceptible to the human nose. Unless you are trained to exterminate bed bugs, you may not be able to identify the scent of bed bugs. If that’s the case, the best thing is to work with a professional bed bug extermination service in town to get rid of bed bugs from your carpets.’
  5. Fecal Marks – Bed bug fecal marks are quite tiny dark spots. They are black or brown, around the size of a pen tip. Compared to bed bug bloodstains, fecal marks are darker and smaller. They consist of digested human or animal blood. In fact, water causes bed bug fecal matter to smear and resemble magic marker stains.

Tips For Identifying Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have narrow heads and thoraxes with flat and oval-shaped abdomen. These creatures have two beady black eyes that protrude from each side of its head. A bed bug has six legs and two antennae, and the antennae have four segments that stick out from the front of their heads. The creatures also have tiny vestigial wing pads, but they are unable to fly. Insects that fly aren’t bed bugs even if some of them may resemble the shape of bed bugs. Adult bed bugs are flat and brown in color while nymphs are pale. As soon as they feed on human or animal blood, they turn reddish and elongate slightly. 

Eliminating Bed Bugs From Your Carpets

The best way to get rid of bed bugs in your carpets is to vacuum them. Use a vacuum with a sealed bag for this purpose. Once done, remove the bag outside and seal it. Clean the carpets using steam cleaning or shampoo for better results.

The best way to exterminate bed bugs from your carpets is to work with a professional bed bug extermination company in town. There are many of these service providers operating out there. You should be doing your research properly before selecting the best bed bug extermination service to exterminate bed bugs from your carpets.

Can bed bugs live in carpet?

Yes! bed bugs can live in the carpets and grow as well.

How to find bed bugs in carpet?

If you found an insect having has six legs, two antennae and have four segments that stick out from the front of their heads; so it’s bed bug.

How to get rid off from bed bugs in carpet?

The best and easy way to get rid of from bed bugs in your carpets is to vacuum them. Use a vacuum with a sealed bag for this purpose. Once done, remove the bag outside and seal it. Clean the carpets using steam cleaning or shampoo for better results.

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