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Assisted Living in Florida: What The Best Communities Offer

Are you considering moving into assisted living? The average person after the age of 65 has about a 70% chance of requiring some form of care service or support in their golden years. Today it is possible for people who enter assisted living to lead active, fulfilling lives while being surrounded by the help and support of trained professionals. 

Services vary widely depending on the location chosen with some facilities being almost resort-like. Depending on your location many even allow pets. are best locations for assisted living are being offered

Spacious Apartments

Gone are the days of institutionalized settings and drab surroundings. Assisted living in Florida today can be bright and breezy with a club-type atmosphere. Spaciously appointed apartments have plenty of room to bring cherished mementos as well as some of your favorite furnishings. Having the ability to customize your surroundings is crucial to making your new location feel like home. 

Fitness Centers

From state-of-the-art fitness equipment to guided programs such as yoga or aerobics, many communities offer a wide range of fitness programs. You can stick with your usual exercise routine, or try out something new. Would you like to join a walking group or check out yoga? With both solo exercise and groups, there are plenty of activities. 

Restaurant Style Dining

We all have to eat to survive, but life should be more than just surviving. With restaurant-style dining in place, many assisted living facilities in Sunscape Daytona Beach offer the flexibility of mealtimes along with cuisine that you enjoy. Nutrition-focused menus with delicious selections make mealtimes more than just a necessity; you are likely to find a large selection of foods to be savored. 

Housekeeping And Laundry

Some people love to clean. If you are not someone who enjoys housework and laundry you are in luck. Most facilities are equipped with laundry facilities and services as well as housekeeping. You are free to spend more of your time doing the things you love, instead of household chores. 

Spas And Salon Services

Forget trekking out to a salon across town and make your appointment right in your community. Spa and salon services are great additions to assisted living in Florida today. If you enjoy a weekly manicure or need your hair styled you are in the right place. From facials to pedicures they offer what you are looking for. 


There are plenty of options for entertainment in assisted living. Game rooms provide an opportunity for healthy competition as well as for making new friends. For fun outside of your community, ask about regularly scheduled transportation for shopping, or enjoying some of the local activities in your area.   

Live Life Your Way

Considering assisted living in Florida? Enjoy life your way with the safety of the community combined with the privacy you need. Spend time on your favorite hobby, or find a new one. With fewer of life’s chores to tackle, you have the freedom to enjoy life your way. Check out assisted living in Florida today. 

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