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Are Ruby Sliders Worth the Hype? Discover Why Customers Love Them

Ruby Sliders are a brand new product from BulbHead designed to fit on chairs, table legs, etc., to prevent noise as you move them and protect your floors and walls from damage. If you have tile flooring, hardwood floors, vinyl plank, or sheet vinyl and are tired of the scraping sounds and worrying about paying for scratches on your floor or walls, this product is for you.

Why do customers love Ruby Sliders?

  • Customers love Ruby Sliders because they’re easy to use; just make sure the leg is clean, free of dust and debris, and isn’t wet. Stretch the Ruby Slider onto the chair (or other furniture) leg, and you’re done – no more worries!
  • There’s no need to worry about Ruby Sliders falling off, unlike their competition. Not only do Ruber Sliders rubberized cups conform to the shape of the chair leg, but the felt on the bottom is also held in place by industrial-strength glue holding the patented nano weave pad in place.    
  • Long-Lasting – you don’t need to worry about replacing Ruby Sliders every few weeks because they wore out or fell off the legs.
  • A multitude of uses. Don’t just put them only on your chairs, but on your tables, TV stands, dressers, and many other items as well.
  • Won’t get lost – the Ruby Sliders are held in place by the rubber cups. 
  • There’s a package for everyone; all packages come with free shipping.
    • Pkg of 16 – 04 chairs @ $1.49 ea. = $23.84
    • Pkg of 32 – 08 chairs @ $1.29 ea. = $41.28
    • Pkg of 48 – 12 chairs @ $0.99 ea. = $47.52
    • Pkg of 64 – 16 chairs @ $0.89 ea. = $56.96
  • They protect the floor, allowing the items covered by the Ruby Sliders to move soundlessly.
  • Ruby Sliders prevent expensive scratches, gouges, scuffs, and needing to refinish the hardwood floors.    
  • Ruby sliders will fit any leg between 1.18” X 1.77”. Is the chair leg too small? Rubber band them in place! Slightly too large? Use a hairdryer to soften the plastic and stretch it to fit.  
  • Wrong shape? With Ruby Sliders, there *is* NO Wrong shape. Square? Fits. Round? Fits. Slanted? Fits. The Ruby Sliders plastic will mold itself to fit the leg!  
  • Ruby Sliders makes cleaning a breeze by helping move furniture without backbreaking work
  • They help prevent furniture from making noise when moving heavy pieces.
  • There is no wrong floor type
    •  Hardwood
    • Engineered hardwood
    •  Vinyl sheet
    •  Vinyl Plank
    • Carpeting
    • Ceramic Tile
    • And more!  

Are Ruby Sliders worth the hype?

  • If you’re looking to be free of the backbreaking work of moving your furniture to clean underneath or behind the pieces, buy Ruby Sliders.
  • If you’re looking to be free from the worry of expensive property damage caused by moving your tables, chairs, and bed, buy Ruby Sliders.  
  • Buy Ruby Sliders if you want less noise on literally any surface imaginable.  

Ideas Courtesy By: Jesse C

This author has absolutely no question, if any of these situations apply to you, your family, or your loved ones, you MUST buy Ruby Sliders today!    

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